Team Buchanan Owl Stories

Who is READY for 4th Quarter?

Hope everyone has seen the HOOT that came out last night!!,bvgm9mrc I attached a copy of it but it is located in everyone's O2 Lounge! If you don't have a full page of posts from Origami Owl when you log in to the lounge, click on one of the posts by Origami Owl on the upper right side and click the blue subscribe! To get to the lounge, you log in to your back office and click O2 Lounge towards the top on the right side (in grey)

SO exciting and so many new, beautiful products coming out October 16th!!! Check out the sneak peek video that Chrissy and Bella did!!!

Get connected with us!

If you aren't on our team page on FB, I encourage you to JOIN us at

4th Quarter is the busiest time of the year for Direct Sales companies! Come over and join us on the team page for lots of encouragement, support and to learn new ideas! We would love to have you! Thankfully we have a team of amazing ladies that are always happy to help where they can!

Force for Good Charm!

It seems that some missed that you can order the Force for Good charm! It is SUPER cute!! A great way to talk about your locket with customers and live out O2's mission on being a Force for Good!!

Force for Good Heart Charm Now Available!

Our Force for Good Heart Charms are now available for purchase. This item is exclusive to our Designers! Limit 2 per Designer. Purchase in your Back Office today! (#CH2020; Wholesale Price: $2.50) These Charms are a great way to let everyone know you truly believe in being a force for good!


As always, if you need help, reach out to your mentor first! They are there to help you! If you don't get the help you need from your mentor though, then reach out to the next person in your line until you get the info you need! Personally, I want to help anyone that wants the help! You just have to ask! :)

The phone # to Designer Care at the Nest is 888-491-0331.