Lion project

George lions

It was the largest kind in those 4,so it have the better chance of fighting enemies,therefore it was protected,so it might have the largest numbers right it would be easier to survive.

Dwayne lions

8.5feet and have the most lioness in the family groups.although looks like the survive rate not as high as others,but it have the most lioness ,so it can produce a lot of offsprings.

Spot lions

A fire had burn it's homeland,so they moved to a new we know when animals move to a me environment would cause many problems such as health,so it's not easy to protect them.

Tyrone lions

It seemed they have the highest survive rate,but therefore they only have 4 lioness in their family,so it's not easy to protect them,it would be danger if they lost the only 4 lioness,then they wouldn't be able to have offspring.

My position

So generally I think there are only 2 choices left,as we seen,George this kind of lion,they are not friendly,they tried to take over others family.dwayne have have the most lioness,so it's most easy to protect them,because they are easy to have more offsprings,so I think they should protect Dwayne.