SWE Pony Tracks

January 12, 2018

The Leader in Me

I realize many of us will not have time to read the entire Leader in Me book. As a way to help, let's pull our resources together and share what we have read. The following form is a place to add your ideas. Click on the form and add your thoughts. If you read a chapter, share your takeaways. If you flipped through the book and read a catching quote, share it. If you have read the whole book, share your ideas. When everyone has added their part, we will have a bank that is an overview of The Leader in Me. I will share out all the posts so those of us who have not had time to read the whole book, can get a strong overview. Post your favorite quote, thought or idea, from the book along with your name.

Spelling Bee

Grades 3-5 it is Spelling Bee time!!!!!! Here is the timeline:

February 14: Classroom Level Spelling Bee Competitions completed

February 15th: Names of Class winners submitted to Mrs. Castle

February 21st: School Level Spelling Bee

March 8 at 6:30: District Level Bee at Parkwood

Word Lists to Consider:

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Thank You!

While we did not reach our fundraising goal, we did AMAZINGLY better than we ever have in the past. As a thank you for your efforts, each grade will have $200 to spend on items of their choice. I do ask that you place one order as a group.

Please plan to have your orders to Jewel Bean by the end of February. If she does not receive an order, it will be assumed that you will not be placing one. If you are not placing a traditional order, please provide a brief note letting Mrs. Bean know how you plan to use the money.

You may use the money on class sets of books, building libraries, classroom supplies, end of year celebrations, field trips etc.


We have two WAVE days left in the school year. The next WAVE day will be scheduled by individual teams. When choosing a date, please do not choose days before holidays or days with other events. Here is how it works:

  1. Choose your date
  2. Choose AM or PM (7:45-11:45 or 11:45-3:45)
  3. Email your choices to Castle for approval.
  4. Reserve your space (put a sign on the door of the location you choose with your day and time)
  5. Provide Castle with an agenda for your session.

Prior to your session, please provide an agenda to include topics, data, etc to be covered.

As always, you may order lunch to be brought in.

We may offer an additional WAVE day as the year closes.

Grades Closing

With grades closing soon, I did an audit to look at how many grades we were using to get our final grades in 3-5, ELA, Writing, Word Study, Math, and Science. Below you will see ranges for each subject area for the first nine-weeks by grade:

3rd Grade:

Math: 8-25

ELA: 6-16

Writing: 5-11

Word Study: 5-11

Science: 5-12

4th Grade

Math: 9-17

ELA: 17-23

Writing: 12-22

Word Study: 11-15

Science: 5-7

5th Grade

Math: 8-27

ELA: 8-17

Writing: 4-14

Word Study: 10-15

Science: 4-9

Considering that the 2nd-nine weeks is coming to a close, it appears as if the spread between counted grades will fall within the same ranges as those posted above.

This a conversation to have at your grade level.

  1. What is being posted for a grade?
  2. How many grades in each area should we be collecting to provide students and families with adequate information?
  3. How are we addressing homework?


The names of participants in the ISTE conference will be chosen next week. If you are interested in going, please go back and look at the previous Pony Tracks.

Coming in February

On February 1st we will host the first of what will become a monthly event, a breakfast for all our newest students. Children enrolled in the last 30 days will join me, Mrs. Stitz, and Mrs. Walsh for a breakfast to talk about SWE, get to know each other, and see how things are going. Parents will be notified that their child will be joining us but the breakfast is for students only. Breakfast will be from 8:30-9:15.


It's that time once more folks, we will need to be looking at potential retentions. I will be placing the retention letters in your boxes this week to go home with the second nine-weeks report cards. Please review the county policies on retention and promotion and assist any new team members you have in the process.

As a refresher, we send out a letter letting families know that if progress remains unchanged, their child may not pass their grade. On the letter, please make sure you provide very informative comments.

This is the first of two notices we will send this year.

Retention is an intervention, not a punishment. It is the strongest intervention we can provide. When retention is used in the correct circumstances, it works! When it is used incorrectly, we place the child at a 75% increased risk of dropping out. If we are considering a retention at this point in the year, the child should be in Tier 3 unless they are new arrivals. If a child is testing on grade level but is failing due to lack of homework, this child is not a retention candidate. Please consider these questions before sending home the letter:

1. Are they working at their best?

2. Will an entire repetition of a year's worth of content make a profound difference in this child's success?

At a Glance

January 16th: CiCi's Pizza Night

January 17: 5th Grade to Ingram Planetarium and Committee meetings (PBIS and Yearbook)

Stitz Gone-Data Teams

January 23: GRADES CLOSE

January 24: Workshop Wednesday NCCAT and NC Math conference presentations and The Leader in Me discussion

January 25th: IST 7:15

January 25-31: 2nd Nine Weeks Benchmark Window Opens

January 30: Report Cards Go Home

January 31: Castle Gone, Principal's Meeting

February 1: New to SWE Breakfast for all students enrolled in the last 30 days 8:30-9:15

February 2: Ground Hog day and 4th grade to Art Museum in Raleigh

February 6: 1st Grade Field Trip

February 7: SPT, all are welcome

February 8: K cultural Arts Field trip to NSHS