Mrs. Crenshaw's Class

News and Information 10/27/2013

Reading and Language Arts

Reading - Students are still reading and enjoying our class novel Sign of the Beaver as well as completing their corresponding Literature Guide which includes lessons on literary elements (theme, plot, setting, characters, etc), figurative language and grammar

AR/Independent Reading - Students are working diligently to read independently and reach their end of trimester AR point goals. Please encourage them to choose books they enjoy at their reading level and have them read every night.

Grammar - Students did well on their Language Arts quiz on subjects, predicates, and prepositions. This coming week they will have a quiz on direct and indirect objects.

Writing - We have been focusing on "Show, Don't Tell" in our writing. Students have been acting out scenes and then trying to employ this "show, don't tell" writing technique. The goal is to allow readers to experience the story through action, words, thoughts, senses and feelings rather than through the writer's exposition. We will continue working on this strategy this week as well as start another opinion piece writing lesson.

Social Studies

Social Studies - Students should be hard at work on their Explorer Project. This project is in lieu of a test for this chapter. Please note that as students complete a portion of the project, they may bring it in and get it graded. Due dates are as follows: Map - Nov. 1st; Timeline - Nov. 5th; Journal - Nov. 8th; Chest with artifacts and summaries - Nov. 15th.

Important Dates

Olympic Triathlon Day is on November 5th.

KCRA Food Can Drive at WCS from October 14th-Nov. 11th.

End of 1st Trimester is November 15th.

Parent Teacher Conferences (Early Dismissal Days) on Nov. 18th - 22nd.

Thank You

A sincere thank you to everyone who donated money and items for our wonderful Fall Festival Basket and who helped with the First Annual Chili Cook Off! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


In Science students are busy working on their Science Project - The Periodic Table.

Students are being assessed in Math for the their 1st trimester grades and to continue to provide focused instruction.

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