Command Economy

The best type of economic system out there!

Why command economy is the best economy! (Introduction)

There is about 3 or 4 countries that have a command economy. Some examples are North Korea, China, and Cuba. There used to be more countries with command economy but now almost every country changed their economy. No one who is apart of the government in command economies will never understand why most countries are a different economy other than the best economy, command economy, because they (as in the government) get to make ALL of the decisions. They get to decide what to produce, how to produce it, and who to produce it for. Also they have "stable" salaries and basic needs are provided like sanitation, education, and healthcare. They also promote social goals(But no social life because the government doesn't allow any technology or anything that can make contact with other countries for the citizens, but the government and the high class people can, isn't that nice and fair!)

How does this very fair and not individuality crushing economy work?

Command economy is controlled by the government, which is called Totalitarian Government (Dictatorship). They make all of decisions as stated in the introduction. Their main purpose is making social goods; for the good of society. Sometimes it is hard to organize, jobs are forced and individuality is lacking, but that's only for the middle and low class citizens! But that doesn't stop the government as they don't worry about the lower class citizens because they're trying to be more, "Socially good."
Command Economy

You are wrong!! Command economy is the best!

Sure the government controls everything, and there is no freedom of picking your careers, but that's because all jobs need to be are aligned and even so they choose forced jobs. Usually there is a lot of competition on the markets but for command economies it wants to eliminate it. Why should the government reward anyone other than themselves for creating new things (shh, they actually take the idea from lower class but no one knows about it). Government gets full control on the product services that are made available to the public. So there could be certain things the government only knows about and only available to them and the rest of country wouldn't know.


Become apart of the command economy and Be better at mobilizing resources and make social welfare a priority!

"Command Economy is Totalitarianism Controlitarianism!"