Lotus Abuse Resistance Education

Shaman & Matthew

Slogan: Do Lotus Loose Focus

If You Eat The Lotus It Would Make You Addicted To It And It Would Make You Want To Stay Where Ever You Are At.

What Happens When You Eat The Lotus

Whenever You Eat The Lotus You Will Just Think About Eating The Lotus And Staying On The Island. It Will Make You Forget About You Homeland. If You Forget About Your Homeland Then You Forget About Everything That You Have Done Before.


Matt: Have You Heard Of The Lotus And Do You Know Anyone That Has Tried It.

Shaman: Yes I Have. Three Men I Sent Ate The Flower. They Didn't Return Back.

Matt: What Are The Effects If You Eat The Flower.

Shaman: The Effects Include Forgetting About Home And Not Remembering What Goals You Were Supposed To Complete.

Matt: Is The Lotus Addictive?

Shaman: Yes Highly And It Makes You Want To Stay On The Island.

Matt: Do Lotus Loose Focus.

Some Effects Include: Loss of Family, Loss Of Thought, And NO Goals In Life.

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