DBASD Equity Awareness

March 10, 2021

Taking pride in growing diverse learners in a safe environment


Learning Together; Advocating for All

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Department of Community Relations & Equity Awareness

Mission Statement

The Department of Community Relations & Equity Awareness is committed to establishing and maintaining a positive culture, while providing differentiated services to all students, staff, and families within our community and beyond.

Program Goals

  • 1st Level Goal: Equity Awareness - District wide awareness, involvement, and acceptance of the Community Relations & Equity Awareness program.

  • 2nd Level Goal: Equity in Action - District wide Equity Teams supporting all students needs; regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, academic status, sexual orientation, differing intellectual / physical abilities.

  • 3rd Level Goal: Equity in Action - Academic & Social Inclusion for all students (Curriculum). Support MTSS Tiers 1 - 3 (Social Emotional Learning).

  • Main Goal: All PEOPLE within the DBASD can comprehend and practice the programs set up through the Department of Community Relations & Equity Awareness. Complete Equity throughout the DBASD. National Recognition for Community Relations & Equity Awareness programs.

Equity Roundtable: Equality vs. Equity

Wednesday, March 24th, 7pm

This is an online event.

This meeting is designed to provide all Daniel Boone Area School District (DBASD) stakeholders with an open discussion about equity awareness. We will discuss the differences between Equality and Equity, as well as hear various view points from those on the call. This will be a healthy and organized discussion to gain insight to the growth opportunities within the district. Please register with the zoom link to join this discussion on equity awareness.


R.E.A.D Goals

R: Respect all. Build Relationships

E: Encourage all. Equity Awareness

A: Advocate for all. Advocate for change. Advocate for positive culture. Advocate for Inclusion.

D: Develop the skills needed to establish Equity. Discipline while practicing the fundamental components of life. Diversity.

This is Equity
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Rob Flowers, M. Ed.

Director of Community Relations & Equity Awareness