Tuesday Techbytes

February 9, 2016

News from the Office

Sign out for Room 111 (HS): There is a sign-out process for Room 111 that should be followed if you desire to use the room. Please contact Carole or Cheryl in the library and they will set you up! Also, only water is allowed in that room. Thanks.

Coding Club Update: Twenty-two students have been participating in the 5th/6th grade after school coding club for the last three weeks. The response has been great and we are looking forward to adding more kids in a few weeks!

News from Beyond

How to Start Integrating Coding in the Classroom: Cathy Lannert's 5th grade Literacy Class tried the Hour of Code, an initiative aimed at introducing computer coding to students around the world during one week in December, and things started to change. Her students were different. Coding seemed to allow them to be more collaborative. She began to wonder, what would happen with more than just a little time spent coding in the month of December? Read more HERE

Best Lesson Plans for Teaching Research Skills: Find an inspiring new strategy for teaching brainstorming, organizing, drafting, and more with classroom teacher Janet Cordle's comprehensive collection of tech-rich Lesson Plans. See them HERE (scroll to bottom for lesson plans).

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Upcoming My Learning Plan Events:

Feb 22th @ 3:15 - Making presentations in Powtoon (HS 111)

March 4th @ 6:00 - Annual SADD Conference and Forum for Parents and Educators (GFCC)

March 9th @ 3:15 Movement Breaks in the Classroom (KRS)

March 21 @ 3:15 Understanding the Impact of Trauma on our Students (MSLGI)

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SAMR SECTION - Transforming lessons with SAMR

Lesson: Writing a Short Paper

Lesson: Geography & Travel

A modification of an idea found at https://edofict.wikispaces.com/SAMR+Examples.

Original Assignment: An overview of a location consisting of hand written content supplemented with compiled cut-and-pasted magazine clippings.

  • Substitution: Use presentation software (like Powerpoint or Prezi) to construct a presentation providing information about a selected locale.
  • Augmentation: Incorporate interactive multimedia – audio, video, hyperlinks – in the presentation to give more depth and provide more engaging presentation.
  • Modification: Create a digital travel brochure that incorporates multimedia and student created video.
  • Redefinition: Explore the locale with Google Earth; seek out and include interviews with people who have visited the local.
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