Energy saveing life styles


Sveing energy

It is important to save energy when you are at home school and in your community because if we don't some day we will have no energy at all to do anything and all we will have is energy's that have to have something like wind or solar the few energys that will keep going forever will not produce enough energy to give to the whole world
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Saveing energy at home

A way to save energy at home is turn off the T.V. and the lights when you are gone it will save a lot of energy and a lot of money. The next thing is to make sure you don't leave the heat on or the A.C. that takes a lot of energy and you should hang up you things you need to dry instead of drying them in the dryer it is not faster but it is better for the enviorment.

saveing energy at school

A way to save energy at school is you could use a chalk board instead of using the projector.

in the comunitty

If we used wind turbines or even solar power we could save a lot of energy. we could also use hydro power
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