Vaccines and Vaccination

Are needles good or bad?

What are the true facts about vaccines?

Vaccines contain the virus. Many people believe that there is a possibility of infection when receiving the vaccine. But the virus injected is dormant or dead ( I wanted to figure out how people choose whether or not to go through the vaccination process. I discovered both pro and anti vaccine views, and have come to the conclusion that vaccines help instead of hurt.

My opinion is that vaccination is helpful. It is 95% effective. I have researched that severe reactions are possible, but extremely rare. The recommended vaccines do not overload the immune system, so there is no need to worry about that. These are the facts that I have researched and helped develop my opinion.


One of the arguments against vaccination is that severe reactions will kill you if you are vaccinated. I have discovered that this can happen, although it is extremely rare. 1 in a million children develop these reactions ( Another argument is that vaccines are only available for diseases that are diminishing. The counter argument to this is that vaccines were the cause of this decrease (
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Children's vaccines prove immunity 90-100% of the time ( Vaccines must go through extreme testing before they are approved to be applied ( This shows that it is impossible to receive the virus from a vaccine. Vaccination requires more than one dose of the dormant virus to be successful.