Henry Ford to Lightning McQueen

By:Jacob.C period 5

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"Good job"said Thomas Edison giving Henry Ford a hand shake.This is back in the 1800's when the transportation system called cars was in the makings.Since then, cars have come an extraordinary way and now they are used by many people today.

The first person to make a name from this was a man named Henry Ford. Born July 30,1863, had made a choice to leave his family and begin to persuade his own dreams.He went to follow a mechanic life, for this he was very fluent when he was little. This gave him the opportunity, to become an inventor and make something in what a lot of us use each day. He was than encouraged by a man named Thomas Edison. With the help of him, he kicked started the car industry. Because of this, that's how he made a name for himself and he is the we are not riding on horses today.

Since the beginning of this, lot's of changes have been made to the design considering the first cars were fueled by gases. Now the steps have changed to making a good design of the car. So the first four months are used to make a rough plan of the product. Then shortly after the industry begins to make a rough plan. They then make a rough prototype. Next, the company has to get it refined and verified by the government. From then once they get the verification, they they make actual prototypes that are on road. They are what you see in magazines.This is just the design of the car, but have you ever thought what goes on inside the car.

To begin with a car is powered by an engine. That engine takes a mixture and or fuel while the piston moves downward. Soon, the piston moves up and at the top there is a spark plug where the fuel is ignited. Because of this, the piston moves back down creating the cycle all over again.

This is just some pop up facts, but cars are fascinating and have a very interesting background. Cars are nowhere when they were before and people are still using them as an everyday transportation.


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