Much Ado About Nothing

Flyer by Moses Makowiak

The Important Events

The Deception Of Margaret

One of the pinnacle events of the story occurred when Borachio's plan to slander Hero was set in motion. This plan required Borachio to make love to Margaret, a woman similar to Hero, making Claudio believe Hero is unfaithful. This event set the course of the book in motion, leading Hero to fake her death until the marriage at the end. This event showed Claudio's inner distrust and Borachio's and Don John's pure evil minds.

Hero's Faked Death

This event was very important to the plot of the story because it showed how lies and distrust can ruin lives. Claudio was heartbroken as a result of Hero's "death", and was willing to do anything to repent. This event showed Claudio's sensitive side and helped lead up to the surprise ending when Hero is alive and married Claudio.

The Garden Scene

In this scene Benedick was tricked into believing that Beatrice secretly loved him, and Beatrice was tricked into believing that Benedick loved her. This scene set their love story into motion, providing a comical side plot to counter the seriousness of Borachio and Don John's plans. This scene also showed the two were capable of loving after all.

Love- A Man And A Woman by U2

The most prominent theme throughout this book is that love always perseveres. Despite Don John's attempts to slander Hero and prevent her marriage, Claudio and her marry anyway. The song that is the perfect exemplification of this theme is "A Man And A Woman" by U2. A lyric from the song, "You can run from love, and if it's really love it will find you" shows the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick. Both of them ran from love saying they could never find it, but they both found love in each other. A lyric directly relating to Hero's disgrace would be "but only true love can keep beauty innocent". Although Hero was slandered, her true love for Claudio prevailed and her innocence was proven.

U2 - A Man And A Woman (Lyrics in Description Box)