ENR 2 Honors-Job Shadow Project

Diana Betancourt

Mitch Woodward:

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Mr. Mitch Woodward preparing a laser to measure and level the ground.


Mr. Mitch Woodward is the environmental employee I job shadowed on November 8, 2014. His official job title is, Area Specialized Agent-Watersheds and Water Quality. He works for the state of North Carolina in the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Office. He has many qualifications. They include, a masters degree in environmental sciences from the state of Delaware, where he studied entomology, as well as plant biology. Mr. Mitch Woodward is also a seventh generation farmer from the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. He is very experienced and very-well educated!

Mr. Mitch Woodward has many responsibilities. His day-to-day schedule includes meeting with community partners to determine storm water problems, and then coming up with solutions, types of practices to fix them with. His location varies everyday. In fact, when I asked him why he enjoys his job, he said, "because theirs never a typical day!" Sometimes he's on the office, while other days he's out on the field, sticking his shoes in the mud once in awhile. One of his main tasks is trying to clean the storm water of the state, since storm water is a major source of pollution. That is why he has installed many rain gardens, which are infiltration devices. In fact, the rain garden he installed the day I job shadowed him was about his 150th. He is a very important person in North Carolina!

North Carolina Cooperative Extension:

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The logo of NC Cooperative Extension


The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Office, where Mr. Mitch Woodward works, is a place where they help people of the state of North Carolina, find solutions to their problems. They offer educational programs, as well as technology, to find answers and solutions. The extension office also works with N.C State University, it's school of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. In fact, Mr. Mitch Woodward has worked with professors on campus, to teach students many different skills. The supervisor of Wake County is called Katherine Williams.

I asked Mr. Mitch Woodward what the "feel" is in the North Carolina Extension office. He said that it is very "people oriented." They are sometimes teaching adults hands on practices. The business is extremely hands on. In other words, it's very "personal." They, the many N.C. Cooperative Extension employees, many times work in teams, to provide hands on education. The business works with the county, and North Carolina in general.

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Ctizens working together to establish a rain garden, while at the same time learning and discovering.

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Watershed agents teaching why we will be establishing a rain garden, key points, and answering questions.

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Stationing a wheelbarrow back to the soil shoveling station.