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We serve as platform between Corporates and Colleges

We create an opportunity to students by sending them as interns to corporate companies,

by this students know their true potential and talents


Ø None of the engineering students has Corporate exposure unless and until he completes his degree and works in a company

Ø When a company trains a student, he/she learns and does the same routine job, they don’t contribute for company development


Ø By sending Students as interns student learn about corporate process and it helps them to decide their career

Ø Company acquires Innovative ideas from potential students which help in development of company

How we differ from Placement Agencies & Training Institutes ????

No student has much knowledge about how a corporate works, only after few moth work they gets to know what field they chose

we train students by sending them into the company in their 2nd and 3rd year of engineering. through the data we collect from their training, We classify them to the best suited job and help corporates to find best students who actually works for the development of company not for salary they get !!!!!

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Academic Relationship Management Service

We serve a platform between Corporates and Colleges