Geography and Navigation

Contributions of Islamic Cultures

What did they do?

  • Examined plants/animals in different regions
  • Divided the world into climate zones
  • Calculated the Earth's circumference
  • Made accurate maps
  • Perfected scientific instruments

Examined plants and animals in different regions.

Muslims examined plants and animals in different regions to essentially provide accurate details about many places on Earth including wildlife and location.

Divided the world into climate zones.

Muslims divided the world into climate zones based on many factors.

Calculated the Earth's circumference.

Muslims calculated the circumference of the Earth. The calculation was only off by about 9 miles from the real value. That, for it's time, is one of the best estimates of the Earth's circumference.

Made accurate maps

They created very accurate maps that included details such as trade routes, water supply and more.

Perfected scientific instrument.

Muslims perfected scientific instruments such as the compass and the astrolabe.

What impact did these have on the world today?

The Muslims left a great impact on the world today from accurate maps and routes to scientific tools. Without them the compass and astrolabe would not be as well designed, we would not have a starting point for the Earth's circumference, and more! They even made up climate zones! That is how the Muslims influenced the modern world.