Biology Research Project


I've decided to do my research project on Albinism. I became interested, because I wanted to know what caused someone to be Albino. In my lifetime I've seen maybe five Albino humans. Although they are very different, unique and very shy I now want to come to the conclusion of my curiosity!

Definiton of the disorder

Albinism is where one is born without the usual pigment color of the body. The body doesn't produce enough Melanin, which is the element that gives you the color of your eyes, skin and hair. When someone is considered Albino their whole body will be affected. That being said an Albino human would be very pale, white skin, white hair and most of the time have blue eyes.

Description of the symptoms

There are different types of Albinism and Ocular Albinism is one of them. Ocular Albinism mainly affect the eyes of one who is Albino. Particular these humans with Ocular Albinism have blue eyes. This is caused by the blood vessels in ones eye showing out of the colored part of the eyeball. Therefore an Albino human can also develop deafness and blindness over time. Albinos have very fare skin, because its such a light color. With their skin being so light it can cause one to have skin cancer, but because of the Melanin it helps protect their skin from the sun.

Cause of the disorder

The cause of Albinism would be this. In order for a human being to be born Albino both parents have to be carriers of the albinism gene. Albinism has to be in inherited, its not contagious so therefore you can not catch it from another human being. Albinism can not be triggered by any other factors, because it's recessive.

How This Disorder Is Inherited

Referring back to Ocular Albinism, yes this type of Albinism is sex-linked. This is passed down from the parents as well. While this is being passed down from the parent to the child it intends to locate on the X chromosomes.

The Treatment

Sadly to say Albinism can not be cured. Most people who are considered Albino, don't usually have health issues. Albino humans stick to the basics such as using sunscreen when outside to protect their skin and wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes. That being said if an Albino human was to develop health issues it would be necessary to see a doctor, which they will treat any symptoms they seem to have.
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How the disorder is diagnosed

As far as testing goes, When someone finds out they've been considered Albino they go through multiple blood test. Blood testing is necessary, because with their being many different types of Albinism one would want to know which one they've got. Prenatal testing would be necessary as well. However not all testing can tell you everything you want to know. Being Albino can be very difficult, especially for teenagers. Bullying is at a very high risk for an Albino human. Counseling would be very appropriate for someone who is Albino.

How many & what type of people are likely to have this disorder?

Albinism is contributed to all races and has nothing to do with location. One person in seventeen-thousand people have some type of Albinism.

Application of research

Researching Albinism I've learned that theres more than one type of Albinism. Also that To be Albino it has to be passed down from both of your parents.
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