The Wonders of Africa

Africa is a place of wonders, and magic.


Africa is a place of wonders and magic. The animals stomping feet sound like thunder, the lands look like they come from a dream, and amazing culture.

Africa Is One of the Best Continents of All!

All about the Author

The authors (us) of this article are Lola Morris & Lily Weaver, This story was written to inform you about Africa and everything in it.

A Little Bit About Us

Lily is interested in writing, art, dance, and reading. Lola is interested in reading, riding her bike, and shopping.

About the authors

Lola and Lily enjoyed making this S'more because when we worked together we discovered that you can do anything if you try. We choose to do this continent because we thought that it would be fun to learn about because it was a deserted place and it seemed so interesting so we thought that it would be fun to learn about. I hope you can see why I choose this continent. And we also hope that you choose to someday visit Africa because of what you learned from reading Lola and Lily's blog.