The War of 1812

BTW Nobody won LOL

Not 1, not 2, but 5 Causes of the War

Causes of the War

  1. Impressment continues - British blockade
  2. Native American attacks on frontiere - Instigated by British
  3. Tecumsch - Native American who tries to unite ribes east of the Mississippi river (confederacy)
  4. Battle of Tippecanoe - General William Henry Harrison defeats confederacy
  5. War Hawks - supporters of war against Britain
  • Henry Clay
  • John C. Calhoun

Reasons to Have War

  1. Establish American honor
  2. Take Canada
  3. Stop Native Americans

There Were 2 Region/Battles bro. So Cool

Invasion of Canada - Failure

Naval Battles
  • "Old Ironsides" sinks British ships
  • British blockade still a problem

Chesapeake Campaign
  • Burn down White House and capitol/other government buildings
  • Fort McHenry: Francis Scott Key - Star Spangled Banner

Southern Campaign

  • Andrew Jackson
  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend
  • Battle of New Orleans

There Were 7 Effects of This War? Pfft, I Doubt it

  1. Americans gain worldwide respect
  2. Americans recognizes Canada as peaceful neighbor
  3. Federalists look bad because of Hartford Convention
  4. Native Americans lose land/power
  5. Factories are built because of British blockade
  6. New war heroes arise and become influential in politics (Jackson/Harrison)
  7. Nationalism