Camp Kidney(Celiac Disease)

where all kids are welcome to our home

information about me

i will help every one who needs help with anything, we have about 30 helpers on campus so your children will get all the help the need but, anything thats wrong the kids can could tell me about it so parents dont worry about a thing we have the best service in all of the camps

Things That You May want to Experience

Daily schedule

*Eat healthy

*Stay strong

*Have a great mind no foul language

*Don't play around

* Don't wonder off without a grown up, if u have a girl friend its ok we have places where yall can go so yall can have yall privacy

* but we have time where the 10yrs old-12yrs old have to eat

*and we have a time where the 13yrs old-15yrs old have to eat

Camp Kidney Information Sheet

*This is information that is extremely important for us to get back from the children

*We very important information about any breathing issues or heathly issues or any important life information

*We also need his or hers pump or something that let them breath better or anything

*Parents please remind your children to bring so play shoes and important shoes because we're going to be going places that they are going to need some good shoes

*Parents we want to let all of you know that the trip is free

*We really need to know if your son or daughter is allergic to anything

*Parent must come up to the camp so we can know who child it is

*Parents the camp startes at June 1, and endes at September 1,