By Blake.Galloway


The 3 topeks thet i pick will taking about are the kings of early rome,The punic wars and the struggle beeteen rich and poor opfuly thet will give you some back groud nolig on the roan empire

The Kings of early Roman

Thair history is sow mix up fable and myth thet the sintest hade trouble fiding ancesters and the roman cep no writen wrecerds roman wus founded in 753 bc by 2 brouthers romulas and remus.anuther leader wus nama pompilias one acompument uf his wus to make a 10 mouth calender two a 12 mouth . FUN FACT ANCUS MACIUS buit thar frist sea port.

The punic wars

The punic wars begain in 264 bc thar wus 2 centrays of wars far one of thar biggest rivals wus the westurn meditranean and for the victory over nourther afrca thet tested the courige and endurins of rome were tested then thay became known as the scipo africanus then thay wer destroyd in 146 bc

The struggle between rich and poor

most peaple were fighting for power the weathy land owners were tring to increas thar estate and thay were tring to git the best land thary were a few laws add to calld the lacin iaw it wus to limiting 300 aces and to employ a certen amount of free labers.


Hopley thet gave you some back groud nolig roman empire i thot thet it wus britey cool it would be fun to go thar the explorer the ruin of anchint rome


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