About me project

By: Alleia Ruble

10 things people have said about me

"I'm a very lively and loud person".(Eggy,62,grandma)

"I'm sponky,pretty,odd".(Zizi,14,friend)

"You are so nice and pretty, I'm glad we became friends"(Brianna, 14, friend)

"Alleia is so pretty and she's so nice and she's my best friend"(karenna,14,best friend)

"Very outgoing and and fun." (Hailey Campbell, 15,friend)

"You seem chill, friendly and funny." (Joshuel Maisonet, 14, random person)

"Alleia is a good kid and she is my little princess I love her with all heart."(Gary,36,Dad)

"Garrett my sister can be mean sometimes but I still love her."(Garrett,9,Brother)

"my cousin is really sweet and she puts up with a lot from me like putting make up over and over again but she's nice enough to not let it bother her."(Kayla,12,cousin)

" Alleia's my twinny twin twin she's the best cousin I could ask for she's sweet, pretty, and caring."(Tyler,16,cousin)

letter to parents

dear parents of Alleia Ruble,

Alleia is a smart young lady that pays attention in class. She has been a great addition to the class room. Alleia's good areas of the class are reading, writing, and helping others, she can but a little chatty but otherwise pays attention. Her problem areas are understanding some of the work or how something is written in class. Alleia's behavior in class is good and she doesn't slack off or get distracted often.

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research of name alleia

The Alleia is Hebrew, I was named Alleia because it was the last name that popped into my moms head, I'm named after the singer Aaliyah, Alleia means force, I don't go by anything other then Alleia, I was either called sweet pea or princess as a baby, and I don't know anything else about my name.

3 words that describe me

Happy, because I'm always cheerful

Common sense, I know better then to do something I'm not supposed to

intelligent, I'm smart and know I can do anything that my hearts set on

two people that are my favorite and most intresting people in my life

My first favorite person is my new best friend Karenna and that because she accepted me on the first day of school and has helped me with so much and we can related on so many different things. My second favorite person is my nonni she has been through so much over the years and has helped so many people out especially her own family I love her so much.

three personal belongings

My first favorite belonging is my stuffed baby deer that I've had since I was 3 it is two different color browns with little white spots on it and its about the size a baby wipe.

my second favorite belonging is my Yamaha hoodie which is navy blue with gray pieces it has yellow letters and #55 on the back I love this hoodie because my uncle Joel gave it to me and because I was wearing it when I fractured my hand.

my third favorite belonging is my horses last horse shoe before he passed away it is silver and metal and still has a few nails and dirt in it.

biarzze funny moment

I was at field day and there was water bottles and I grabbed mine and squirted it at someone and then that person did it and then someone accidentally hit a teacher and that was in elementary school.

1 of my favorrite smells

my favorite smell is a horse barn it just relaxes me and brings back memories of me and my first horse.

a inspartional quote

my quote is from Paul Walker and it was "If the speed kills me, Don't cry because I was smiling." it just goes to show that if you die doing what you love people shouldn't be sad because you were happy when it happened.

positive motto

look ahead and make a goal and work your way to succeed it.

my menu

breakfast-pancakes and bacon

lunch-mc Donald's

dinner-steak ,mash potatoes, corn

snacks -cheez-its

favorite things

favorite actor-Kevin Hart

favorite actress- Jennifer Lawrence

favorite song-Top of the World by Mike Posner

Favorite Band-Maroon 5

Favorite athlete- Tom Brady

Favorite Book-Mocking Jay

Favorite food- Mc Donald's French fries

Favorite Class-Math

Favorite Teacher-Mrs.Therope

Best Friend-Karenna

Favorite tv show-Key and Peele

Favorite car-Bubble Bee Camaro

Favorite summer Activity-sleep

Favorite weekend activity- go to the park

Favorite Movie- The Gallows

biggest event of the year 2000

German extortionist Klaus-Peter Sabotta is jailed for life for attempted murder and extortion in connection with the sabotage of German railway lines.

gaduation letter

dear future me,

I hope that you have achieved everything you've wanted to your high school year. I hope you sieved to do more in the future but for now reach for the goals you've set. I know life was probably difficult at certain times over the years. difficulties like that what's will make you stronger. I just hope you don't get into any big trouble or be stupid.

5 favorite songs

Flex- Rich Homie Quan

Classic Man-Jidenna

679-Fetty Wap

Top of the World-Mike posner

Switch Lanes- Mike Posner

5 life goals

1.graduate from high school and college

2.get married

3.have kids

4.start equestrian center

5.have grandchildren