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Oak Hill United School Corporation - November 2022

Hardman's Happenings

Hello Oak Hill Families!

As we enter the month of November and approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I feel this is a great time to think about all the blessings that we have in our lives. Life can get hectic and stressful during the holiday season so it is important to take time to relax and enjoy the down time you have with your family and friends when you can as they are the true blessings.

With the recent snowfall, we are reminded that Winter is right around the corner! Please make sure on these cold days that your elementary aged child is dressed for the weather as our elementary schools all go out to recess at various times throughout the day and generally go out unless it is below 22-25 degrees. With winter weather also comes the chance of a delayed start or no school due to inclement weather and dangerous road conditions. Please check your Skyward Family Access account to make sure your notifications are set up so you receive those notifications when school is delayed or canceled.

Much information and consideration goes into making weather related calls. With any weather related call, if possible, I try to make the call the night before to allow you and your family time to make adjustments with schedules and my goal oftentimes is by 8pm. I know that can’t always happen but that is my goal. If the weather is scheduled to come in overnight, my goal is to make the call by 6am but again that can be later because I am usually working with others that live in different areas of our district as well as area superintendents gathering information from them on road conditions in their areas. If the contact information for your family is accurate in Skyward, you will get an email, text, and/or phone call notification on weather delays as soon as a weather decision is made as I send out a Skylert right away once the final decision is made. I also submit the delay or cancellation notification to WRTV 6, WISH 8, WTHR 13, and FOX 59 so those are other avenues to check if you are watching for a delay or cancellation. If you ever have concerns about the weather in your area and you don’t feel it is safe to take your child to school, please err on the side of caution and wait to take your child when you feel the roads in your area are safe for travel.

ELearning will take place at all Oak Hill Schools on a day where we don’t have school due to inclement weather. That eLearning day will be asynchronous which means students will be assigned work through the online platform (Google Classroom, SeeSaw, etc) that their school uses and then allowed to work on it throughout the day. Students will not meet with teachers online during an inclement weather day, but teachers will be available at certain times throughout the day via email for any questions that students or parents may have during eLearning. More information as to what your child’s eLearning day will look like and the expectations of that day on an inclement weather day will be sent from your child’s school.

There will be no school on Wednesday, November 23rd through Sunday, November 27th due to Thanksgiving break. School will resume on Monday, November 28th. I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable break and are able to spend some quality time together as a family reflecting on the many blessings you have in your life.

Yours in Education,

Sheri Hardman
OHUSC Superintendent

Converse News


FOOD DRIVE with a twist! Please see the picture below for more information about our annual food drive, but please take note that we are doing a cereal box challenge! We are hoping to collect enough cereal boxes to have an EPIC "domino" chain in the hallway for kids to see and celebrate their food drive efforts! You always seem to rise to a challenge, so let's see what this can bring!! Canned goods are still VERY much needed, but we thought this might be a fun twist!

Big picture
We were blessed with an American Flag, flown in Iraq, and especially sent to us here at Converse! The students in Mrs. Zickafoose's 2nd grade class sent a Flat Stanley to Jase Ramey's dad who is stationed there and this was sent back with Flat Stanley for Jase and Colton Ramey to share with their classes! Converse thanks you for your service!!! We will PROUDLY display this within our school!!
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50th Day fun

Can you believe we have already had the 50th day of school? Our kinders had a lot of fun celebrating!! Check out some of our fun!

Converse Students and Staff Member of the Month

Kindergarten Student of the Month - Daxx Williams

Daxx has worked so hard this year to overcome some big things! His outstanding behavior and his ability to overcome hard things is awesome! He has come so far with his ability to express his feelings and emotions in the classroom. We are thankful to have Daxx as a part of our Converse Family!!

1st Grade Student of the Month - Tenley Richey

Tenley is always willing to help others. She has compliments to give to her friends and staff. She rejoices when others are acknowledged!!! She is always thinking of ways to encourage her friends. We are thankful Tenley is part of our Converse Family!

2nd Grade Student of the Month - Camille Ogden

Camille comes in everyday and greets everyone with a smile! She loves school and her friends! Even when something is challenging, she works hard and never gives up! She always goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Camille is ray of sunshine and comes in beaming everyday. She always greets me with a friendly "good morning!" Camille works hard and puts forth her best effort even if things get challenging. She perseveres and never gives up. I really enjoy having her as a student and she is a positive role model for her peers.

Converse Staff Member of the Month - LaShawn McClain

LaShawn McClain is an instructional assistant in our Title 1 classroom. LaShawn always goes above and beyond everyday to do what's best for the students here at Converse. Everyday, she comes in before her scheduled time to prep her things for the day. She is patient, fun, and very organized. The students love working with her. I don't know what we would do without her in the Title One room! She always has a smile on her face and her patience is amazing! We are so thankful Mrs. McClain is part of our Converse Family!

Sweetser Updates

Sweetser Snapshot:

Happy November Sweetser Families!! We have been very busy since our last letter! We have had field trips, celebrations, and a book fair! We also brought the student body together for a convocation regarding Red Ribbon Week. We have been very lucky with our weather in November, but I think the cold is here to stay for a while. Please make sure your students are properly dressed, as we will still go outside for recess. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving enjoying your family and friends, and we can’t wait to share more news in December with you!!


Jen Switzer




Battle of 1812:

On Oct 7, 2022, our fourth graders attended a field trip to Mississinewa 1812: War of 1812. Students had a great day with their peers as they were able to watch the reenactment and be a part of this historic event.

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Red Ribbon Week:

A special shout out to the Marion Police Department & Grant County Sheriffs Department for coming to Sweetser Elementary today to share with us facts about drugs during Red Ribbon Week!!

Sweetser Elementary Book Fair 2022 = SUCCESS!

Sweetser Elementary closed out October and welcomed in November with our annual book fair! Our week was filled with excitement and lots of books and items being purchased during library and recess times. It was a very successful fair, as we sold over $6,800 (before taxes) earning us over $3,200 in Scholastic Dollars!!! With our Scholastic Dollars each teacher will be getting 10 new books that they picked out for their classroom libraries and several books were purchased to be put in our school library. More books and supplies will be purchased soon. Thank you to the 30+ families that came out and supported our Family Night. Huge thanks to our book fair volunteers this year: Dr. Hardman, Mrs. Jenny Horner (retired Sweetser teacher), Mrs.Teresa Shafer (school board member & retired Sweetser teacher), and Mr. Scott Dubois (school board member) and his wife Stephanie. Many thanks to the staff members and interns that jumped in and helped get the book fair ready, I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you Sweetser families, happy reading!!!

Fundraiser Celebrations:

Sweetser Elementary had a fantastic day to end Quarter 1!! We had our Chocolate Fundraiser Celebrations!! Twelve students sold five boxes of chocolate, so they were able to silly string a teacher!! Snowie, the snow cone truck was here also, and several students got to grab for money!!! It sure was Sweet at Sweetser to celebrate with students!!!

Sweetser Students and Staff Member of the Month

3rd Grade Student of the Month: Erika Reno

Sweetser’s 3rd Grade Student of the Month is Erika Reno! It is reported by Cafe Staff that she is the sweetest kid! She is very helpful and respectful in the lunchroom. Her teacher, Miss Holt states that she is the first to ask how she can help a teacher! Erika is a friend to everyone, gets along well with everyone, and works hard every single day. Erika is mature, respectful and helps the classroom run smoothly! We are proud to have Erika represent Sweetser Elementary!

4th Grade Student of the Month: Ellie Bishir

Sweetser’s 4th Grade Student of the Month is Ellie Bishir! Ellie’s teacher, Mrs. Helfrich states that Ellie is an awesome human! She listens well, works hard, and stays organized! She always helps her classmates and teachers. She is a kind, funny, and great friend! Mrs. Henson stated that Ellie is a great leader amongst her peers! She is always encouraging and positive towards others! Thank you for representing Sweetser the way that you do!!

Sweetser’s Staff Member of the Month:

During a previous teachers meeting, the teachers came together and wanted to show our thanks and appreciation to all of our support staff!! This includes our IA’s, secretary, nurse, cafeteria staff, custodians, librarian, social worker, etc! November is the month we reflect on what we are thankful for! We are so thankful for all of you, and the role you play in our school!

Swayzee News

Hello Swayzee Parents, Guardians, and Community Members

We are now already in November and approaching Thanksgiving Break! This semester sure seems to be moving along quickly. Before we know it the semester will be over and it will be Christmas Break. The students and teachers continue to work hard as we push into the holiday season. Middle of the Year IREADY diagnostics for both English and Math will occur on December 12 and 14. It is important for students to try hard on these tests. It will show us how much they have grown in each subject. Also, please remember that we have tutoring sessions for all students on Tuesday and Thursday after school. All 5th and 6th grade students are welcome to attend! Please see the attached flier for more details. It is our hope that if your son or daughter needs help, they take advantage of this opportunity provided by our staff.

As we move close to the holidays, here are some events that will be taking place at Swayzee:

  1. Veterans Day Tribute and Recognition: Miss Weaver put together a wall tribute for students who have family members that have been or are currently serving in the military. The students also had an activity in their homerooms in order to teach them the importance of celebrating Veterans Day. One part of this activity was sending out thank you cards to those who have served in the military. Below are some of the students who contributed to our Veterans Day wall celebration.

2. Mid-Year IREADY Diagnostics will be on December 12th and 14th for 5th and 6th grade English and Math. Please make sure your son or daughter gets plenty of rest the night before his or her diagnostic. We want all students to perform to the best of their ability!

3. Band and Choir will have their Holiday Concert on Tuesday, December 13 at 9AM in the Swayzee Elementary gym.

4. Our annual holiday food drive will take place November 15th--23rd. Prizes will be given to the homeroom that brings in the most food to help those in need.

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5. Thanksgiving Break will be November 23rd--27.

6. Swayzee Elementary is hosting a Scholastic Book Fair December 5th-9th, with a Family and Friends shopping night on Tuesday, December 6. It is always a highlight of the year when the book fair comes to Swayzee! We will be looking for eager readers and fun volunteers just in time for Christmas. Be on the lookout for more information to come. We are proud to present Bolder - Prouder - Stronger - Swayzee Readers. Please come and support your Swayzee students!

Once we get back from Thanksgiving Break, we will only have three full weeks until Christmas Break. Christmas Break and the end of the semester begins when the end of school bell rings on December 21st.

Swayzee Students and Staff Member of the Month

Nathaniel Moss

Nate is an outstanding student at Swayzee Elementary. He has a great sense of humor that he loves to share with everyone. Nate is personable and doesn't know a stranger! Being a great helper is his greatest strength. He is always willing to assist peers or teachers and notices when someone is in need of help. Nate is very respectful and is quick to offer encouraging words or apologizes when needed. During class time, he always adds to discussions and has well-thought responses. He is a hard worker and a perfectionist, so he takes pride in his work. Art is something Nate really enjoys and he is also an exceptional artist. Congratulations Nate for being selected as the student of the month for November by your teachers. Great job, Nate!

Araya Larch

Araya is our 6th grade Student of the Month. She works hard, encourages others, and is always pushing herself to do her best. She also sets an example for peers by being polite and respectful. The 6th great team also commented that Araya is well organized, well mannered, and always strives to do well on her work in class. They also appreciate Araya’s positive attitude and contagious smile. Araya is an absolute joy to everyone at Swayzee Elementary. Congratulations Araya for being selected as the student of the month for November by your 6th grade teachers. Great job, Araya!

Tracy Martin - Staff Member of the Month

Mrs. Martin is a 5th grade social studies teacher at Swayzee Elementary. Every day, Mrs. Martin has activities in her classroom that are exciting, fun, and provide a good learning environment for students. I would like to celebrate Mrs. Martin’s ILEARN pass rate from the spring 2022 test. Her students passed at a 75% rate. Unofficially, her pass rate was one of the top 25 public school passing rates in the entire state! This is a tremendous achievement for both Mrs. Martin and her students! Mrs. Martin works tirelessly making the best use of instructional time to build students’ knowledge and engage them in more intellectually challenging work. In her classroom, she brings history to life and provides many hands-on activities for her students to provide the best possible education for the Swayzee 5th grade students. Mrs. Martin’s effort has not gone unnoticed and Mr. Means truly appreciates the effort she puts in for her students. It is a privilege to recognize Mrs. Martin as the Swayzee Elementary employee of the month for November. Keep up the great work Mrs. Martin!

As you can see, our teachers, students, and staff are very busy as we head toward the end of the semester. It’s awesome to walk into a classroom and see all the positive energy and hard work from both the students and teachers. Swayzee Elementary wishes everyone the best as we approach the holiday season!

Shawn Means


Swayzee Elementary

News from Oak Hill Junior High

Library- For the news from the library this month, we have received the new books. This a much needed update to the aging book assortment, some with copyrights dating back to 1913. Other good news for the library: We have had some books donated! Those books became available to check out after fall break. Mrs. Hembrock is in the process of getting more furniture for the library’s new collaborative space. We will keep you posted on the progress of the “Collab Lab” . The book of the month is The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan.

A Q&A with Mrs. Trejo

Who are some outstanding artists so far this school year?

Jalen Scott, Ben Babinski, Luke Elzinga, Bella Kenyon, Quinn Brunner, and Ivy Martinez

Who inspired you to become an art teacher?

“My mother. She was quite the artist, and Walt Disney inspired me too,” Trejo said.

Paints or colored pencils?

Paint is what she prefers between the two.

What's your favorite drawing style?

Abstract art is her favorite drawing style.

What is your favorite thing to teach your students?

“They can do it if they want. They can actually draw.”

Big picture

OHJH Students and Staff Member of the Month

Logan Schmalstig - 7th Grade Student of the Month

Logan's teachers report, "Logan does a great job in class and is a very pleasant young man. He gives his best effort and is a good example for his fellow classmates. Logan is just a really, chill good guy who is nice to all. He is great to have in class!"

Logan's favorite class is Band, and he also enjoys tennis, basketball, personal band, and standup comedy. He is the son of Jennifer Schmalstig and has a sister, Cheyenne.

Claire Scheer - 8th Grade Student of the Month

One of Claire's teachers reports, "Claire is very responsible and an all around good student! She always turns her work in on time and has a smile on her face!"

Her favorite classes are Choir and PCC, and enjoys JH Drama and being a student manager for football. She is the daughter of Kevin and Kristi Scheer and has three siblings: Hannah, Emma, and Christian.

Brynley Thomas - Junior High Staff Member of the Month

Get to know Mrs. Thomas:

I teach literature and English, Drama Club sponsor, Student Council co-sponsor, Washington, D.C coordinator.

This is my 22nd year at Oak Hill

The best part of being a teacher here at Oak Hill is watching my students develop skills in my classes, seeing the "aha" look on their faces when they figure stuff out, getting to know and laugh with my students, watching my students participate in extra-curricular activities, and working with a fantastic staff that became great friends.

I have so many things that I like to do outside of school: motorcycle riding, camping, kayaking, hiking, roller skating, riding my bike, doing puzzles, reading, working in my yard, and spending time with my grandson. So many things and so little time!

I have one dog, Roxy, who is 10 years old, and she loves to hike!

Updates from Oak Hill High School

The month of November is National Gratitude Month. I recently came across the following article that is a very short but worthwhile read that I would highly recommend:

10 Amazing Statistics to Celebrate National Gratitude Month

As we are a few weeks away from the Thanksgiving holiday, this article is a powerful reminder of the impact gratitude has on all of us. We are thankful for the students and staff who report each and every day to OHHS. There are some great things going on in this building that certainly deserve to be celebrated!!

Due to the universal need and the attendance we had last year, OHHS will be scheduling multiple Red Cross Blood Drive dates for the current school year. Our first date will be Tuesday, November 29, from 9:00am-1:30pm. If you are interested in donating, please contact Mrs. Danielle Hewitt at A flier for this event can be found here.

Students in Miss Kincaid’s Choir classes were recently featured in an article in the Marion Chronicle Tribune. These students composed a song with Mr. Steve Seskin. Students will be performing this song at events during Semester II. To read this article and about the great work of these students, please click here.

Heartland Career Center students have been making an impact in and around the Oak Hill school community. Senior Health Science student Gabby Meyer recently helped the nurse at Swayzee Elementary School with vision screenings for her Work-Based Learning program. Precision Ag student Joe Martin was honored to present FarmBeats Technology at the National FFA Convention in downtown Indianapolis. This convention was held on October 26-28. Finally, Senior Kaidin Rademaker is one of only four HCC students who has been selected to participate in the Indiana-Ohio-Kentucky Regional Carpenter’s Council training from November 7-11. Kaidin will also take part in an additional week of training during Semester II. We are thankful for our HCC students who are making an impact in the community and in turn preparing themselves for future success.

Congratulations to Junior Owen Jackson on a successful Cross Country season. Owen represented OHHS at the IHSAA State Finals held on October 29 in Terre Haute, IN. He finished 50th individually in this race. This was the culmination of a season in which Owen was the individual champion in the Grant 4, Conference, Sectional, and Regional championships.

Congratulations are also in order for the OHHS Cheer Squad. On October 17, our Cheer Squad was notified that they advanced to the state competition on November 5 at New Castle High School. They were among 17 teams in the Small Varsity competition (per school size). This is the second consecutive year the OHHS Cheer Squad has qualified for the state competition. Congratulations to the following Cheer Squad members: Sydney Archer, Madison Waggle, Mary-Grace Thomas, Kate Thompson, Jasmin Valerio, Brooklyn Rhinebarger, Emily Burke, Macie Foustnight, Ellie Campbell, Briella Sweet, Ava Hawkins, Alyssa Grant, Alexis Toy, Gracie Summers, Amelia McClain, McKenzie Miller, and Coach Amber Messersmith.

With the end of one season always follows the next. Our Winter sports season has quickly begun and is currently underway. We encourage you all to continue to support our OHHS student-athletes as they begin their respective seasons and competitions. If you need any information, we encourage you to check out the OHHS Athletics website. Please contact the Athletic Department if you have any questions and/or need any information about tickets or anything else along these lines.

On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff at Oak Hill High School, we want to wish you all a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday with your family, friends, and loved ones!!

Important Upcoming Dates

November 11: INvestED Scholarship Lab. Seniors.

November 16: Quarter II MidTerm

November 23-25: No School. Thanksgiving Break.

November 29: INvestED FAFSA Workshop. 2-7pm.

November 29: Red Cross Blood Drive.

December 21: End of Semester I.

January 4: Semester II Begins.

A Message from OHHS National Honor Society

November 3rd, a group of students within the National Honor Society had the amazing opportunity to travel all the way to the St. Vincent House. It was an unforgettable experience and a great way to catch a glimpse of the day to day workings of the charitable hospitality home. St. Vincent House provides a calm, peaceful environment for patients and their families to stay at free of charge. Our members were given the opportunity to clean and dispose of litter from their beautiful outside resting areas. As well as assemble and bag packed lunches to be given to the guests, patients, and their families. Thank you to everyone who was able to come to the St. Vincent House for all the hard work and effort you put into contributing to the facility. Thank you, as well, to all the donors who contributed countless bags and boxes of goods. Your contribution will keep St Vincent's pantry full and running smoothly and that helping hand will never be forgotten. And, of course, thank you so much to St. Vincent House for allowing the NHS to visit and contribute to the community and your facility. What you do for people in need is extraordinary and can never be understated, underappreciated, and undermined. You are amazing.

Thank you,

Oak Hill NHS

OHHS Students and Staff Member of the Month

Freshman - Sarah Tripp

Sarah Tripp is a Freshman at OHHS. Sarah demonstrates an incredible work ethic in the classroom, outstanding participation in extracurricular activities, and the utmost respect for faculty, staff, and students. Sarah earned all A’s for the first nine weeks of the school year. She is also actively involved outside of school with volleyball, basketball, track, robotics, drama, band, and orchestra. As we near the Thanksgiving holiday, Sarah writes, “School is a place full of diversity, new and exciting courses, and a place to explore and learn; in other words, it is a blessing in disguise.” We at OHHS are the ones blessed with students like Sarah Tripp who challenge themselves each and every day to better themselves and the school community as well.

Sophomore - Alexa Myers

Alexa Myers is a Sophomore at OHHS. Alexa is a multi-sport athlete who manages her time to allow her to also keep up with her demanding academic workload. She participates in volleyball, basketball, and is a catcher on the softball team. Alexa always demonstrates a willingness to help out with anything in and around the school setting. She is an encourager and natural leader, both on the athletic field and off. We are thankful for students like Alexa Myers at OHHS who demonstrate a positive attitude and set a positive example for others to follow.

Junior - Alivia Shaw

Alivia Shaw is a Junior at OHHS. Alivia excels both in the classroom and on the athletic field. She was inducted last year into the school’s National Honor Society for her strong record of academics and leadership. She is also a member of the school’s volleyball, basketball, and softball teams and is a vital contributor to all three. Alivia was recently named to the First Team All-CIC squad in volleyball and was also invited to participate in the Junior All-Star tryouts. We are fortunate to have student-athletes like Alivia Shaw at OHHS who earn success academically and athletically while at the same time displaying servant leadership.

Senior - Orion Satterthwaite

Orion Satterthwaite is a Senior at OHHS. Orion is always respectful of his teachers and fellow classmates. He constantly maintains “you first” manners in and around the school setting as he is consistently allowing others to go through doorways first, get supplies first, get their lunch first, etc. Orion completes his work to the very best of his ability on a consistent basis and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Orion has a smile, mannerisms, and a demeanor that communicates kindness to students and staff at all times. We are fortunate to have Orion Satterthwaite as a student at OHHS and appreciate the kindness that he exhibits on a regular basis.

Staff Member of the Month

Rachel Windell - Rachel Windell is a veteran teacher at OHHS. Rachel teaches German in the Foreign Language Department. She provides a variety of learning opportunities for her students both in and out of the classroom. Rachel helps out with the planning of the school’s Europe trip that is held every other year. Rachel has also implemented tutoring sessions during SRT for any students who need extra assistance in her classroom. As much as Rachel contributes to the climate and culture of the building, she took upon herself a new challenge to have an impact across the district. At the beginning of the current school year, Rachel accepted a role as the district EL Teacher of Record. This has involved additional time for training, administering assessments, etc. We are thankful for teachers at OHHS like Mrs. Rachel Windell who model lifelong learning and a desire to have an impact on as many students as possible each and every day.

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OHHS National Honor Society's Trunk or Treat

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Big picture

Oak Hill Athletics

Oak Hill Athlete Commits to Area Program

Emma Bledsoe - Swimming, Indiana Wesleyan University
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Community Bulletin Board

Tree Decorating and Holiday Open House at The Hostess House

The Hostess House has partnered with the Walkway of Lights committee and Community School of the Arts for a Holiday Open House on Saturday, November 19th, from 2:00pm - 6:00pm. We are hosting a Tree Decorating contest for kids 16 years old or younger.

The rules for the contest are simple: Competitors provide their own tree or wreath, 3 foot tall or less. They may bring them in anytime next week between 10:00am - 3:00pm Monday - Friday, or Saturday after 12:00pm. They will be displayed in our ballroom on the 3rd floor during the open house. Attendees to the open house can vote on their favorite trees by tipping the jar in front of the trees, and the winners will be announced by 6:00pm. Winning trees will be displayed at the Hostess House and Community School of the Arts for the holiday season and returned the first week of January. There will also be other prizes.

During the time of the open house, the Hostess House will be a stop for the trolley from downtown, there will be free punch and cookies, and we will have pictures with Santa starting at 4:00pm. The event is free and open to the public. The event ends at 6:00pm, so attendees will have time to go downtown for the parade.


We are currently hiring the following positions:

Custodians (Full-time and Part-time)

Substitute Cafeteria Workers

Substitute Teachers

Bus Drivers

Substitute Bus Drivers

Substitute Bus Aides


Thanksgiving Break: November 23-25

OHUSC School Board Meeting: December 12

Christmas Break: December 22-January 3