The Zebras Finally Stood Up!

By: Jordyn Day

It was a hot summer day and all the zebras were out in a big open field having a nice lunch. Tommy as the leader told everyone to run not even thinking what was behind them. Then they heard what had caused the external stimuli... it was a huge heard of lions. The Zebras not thinking to turn around any more ran into some trees that would stop the lions for now but would not stop them forever. All of the sudden a cry came out the littlest zebra had teeth dug into its skin. The zebras decided to leave the baby there and to run.
When the zebras got away the tommy the leader said, "we have to fight back we need to stand our ground it's time we are not scared anymore". The Zebras all agreed and came out of there hiding spot just in time to see the lions. They all stood in a Simi-circle, the lions looked confused they had no idea what was going on. The male zebras got on there hind legs and started fighting and kicking the lions.
The lions, confused, ran away in fear. The zebras celebrated and lived happily ever after.