Life in the 1950s

By Darcy Bonnett

How was life in the 50s?

Life in the 1950s was different than life today. In the 1950s, more people watched TV like "I Love Lucy" than going to the movies. People listened to rock and roll music like Elvis. Girls wore dresses, hats, and poodle skirts. Kids played with construction sets and baby dolls. People ate canned goods like beans and fruits.

Fun Facts

1. Gas cost only 20 cents a gallon.

2. The color television set was introduced.

3. Pogo sticks and hula hoops were popular toys in the 1950s

4. "Peanuts" and the Charlie Brown character is born in 1950.

5. Disneyland opens up in California in 1955.

6. Smokey the Bear becomes a household name.

7. The 1950s were credited with doing the first organ transplant.

8.The first modern credit card was introduced.

9. Dr. Jonas Salk develops a vaccine for polio in 1955.


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