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12/7 Report Cards Sent Home

12/3-12/11 Student Lighthouse Caramel Apple Suckers $1.00 each

12/10-12/21 I Ready Testing

12/12 PTA Meeting 6:30PM Cooper LMC

12/13 Lighthouse Sucker Sale Ends - Suckers Sent Home

12/14 Kids Night Out 5:00PM -8:00PM

Report Card Parent Letter

December 2018

Dear Elementary Parents & Guardians,

We have reached that point again when it is time to share with you some important information about your child’s growth and development. In this envelope you will find a Report Card for the first card marking of the year. We have developed a new report card that is directly connected to the Michigan State Standards. This year we have completed our transition to a Standard Based Report Card. All grade level priority standards are on the report card, including mathematics, science, social studies and all specials areas that have been added this year. The Standards Based Report Card communicates your student’s achievement in many ways. First, it clarifies and reinforces consistent, high expectations for all students and schools. Second, the report card helps teachers, students, and families focus on the standards throughout the school year. Finally, and most importantly, the report card provides specific feedback on progress related to the standards, so students, families, and teachers can work together to set meaningful goals for improvement. Teachers evaluate your child’s progress based on standards of performance and skill development expected for all students in each content area. The report card provides valuable information on your student’s performance related to mastery of those standards. It also provides information on your child's work habits, behavior, and effort. The standards will be assessed using the following indicators and criteria: NY - Not Yet Approaching Standards • A standard has been taught, yet a student is unable to meet the standard, even with multiple opportunities and teacher support. AS - Approaching Standards • A standard has been taught, yet a student is unable to demonstrate proficiency or independence with that standard. • A standard has been introduced, but there has not been sufficient instruction and/or opportunity to demonstrate the standard. With additional instruction and application, student will be expected to master the standard. MS - Meeting Standards • A standard has been taught, and the student is able to independently and consistently apply the learning. Knowing that each standard is an end-of-year expectation, many students will receive grades of Approaching Standards (AS) or Not Yet Approaching Standards (NY). Your child’s teacher should give additional information regarding your child’s growth on that standard. The goal is for all students to master the standards for their grade level in each subject area by the end of the year. Purpose, Passion, Pride 15125 Farmington Road • Livonia • MI • 48154 Phone (734) 744-2500 An example of how a student’s report card may look is below: Use multiplication and division within 100 to solve word problems involving AS equal groups, arrays, and measurement quantities. Accurately uses multiplication to solve word problems. S (Strength) Accurately uses division to solve word problems. G (Goal) This third grade student is approaching the standard with using multiplication and division within 100 to solve problems. They have a strength with using multiplication to solve word problems but needs additional support with using division to solve word problems. This example shows how a student is performing with the standard, their area of strength and the area that is a goal for improvement. We know that over time, this approach to reviewing student academic growth and development will become more familiar for you and your student and lead to increased achievement of our state standards. We have created a Frequently Asked Questions for Standards Based Grading to provide you with more information: ing

Theresa O’Brien

Chief Academic Officer for Livonia Public Schools


We have our 1st monthly classroom Box Top Winner... please help me congratulate Ms. Erickson's 6th grade class!!!! They are the proud owner of the trophy until next month! Remember, the classroom with the most box tops for the entire school year will receive a pizza party in June! Keep clipping those box tops!!!!!


Drop off your 5th or 6th grader to enjoy an evening of fun, food, and activities with staff.

Cooper Upper Elementary

Friday, December 14th

5-8:00 p.m.

$12 ($15 at the door)

Pizza/drink included

Snacks sold (.50 each)

Photo Room . . . Face Painting . . . Open Gym . . . Computers . . . Wii

Cookie Decorating . . . Bingo . . . Candy Walk . . . Karaoke . . . More

Please RSVP w/ payment by Thursday, Dec. 13th. Cost goes up at the door.

To pay at the door, parent MUST fill out form and register child in the office.

Student ______________________________________________

Teacher ______________________________________________

Parent Name ___________________________________________

Contact Number ________________________________________

Yes, my child can have/take pictures in the Photo Room.

Yes, my child can have nails painted.

Yes Yes, my child can be face painted.

Parent Signature _____________________________________________

*Money goes towards supplies/books for classrooms.

Please look at the back of this flyer!

Please review the following expectations and sign, indicating you know and will follow the rules.

*I will travel from one activity to another, with no loitering in hallways

*I will walk through the building

*I will use an indoor voice and not yell/scream to friends down the hall

*I will not chew gum

*I will eat pizza/snacks in the café

*I will find an activity and stay for a period of time

*I will not use my cell phone, unless I am in the photo room

*If I know I am leaving early, I will go to the office to be picked up*

*What time will child be picked up? __________________________

Please sign, indicating you have read and will follow the expectations.

Student Signature** _____________________________________

**Not following these rules may result in a call home.

A water bottle is encouraged to

come with students.


12/24-1/6 Winter Break

1/7 School Is In Session (8:27AM-3:32PM)

1/16 Orchestra Concert 6:30 PM @ Cooper

1/16 Band and Vocal Concert 7:30 PM @ Cooper (Lietz, Erickson, Webster, Harvey, Martin)

1/17 Band and Vocal Concert 7:00 PM @ Cooper (Hebert, Condevaux,Spence,Kopacko,Aaron)

1/19 5th Annual PTA Dads Chili Cook-Off - 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM @ Franklin High School

2/22 Youth Making A Difference Displays Due