Wanted- Asian Carp

Hypophthalmichthys molitrix


The Asian, or Silver, Carp is an invasive species from areas in Asia. They tend to be around two to three feet long and generally weigh around 45 lbs. Like other fish in their species, the Carp have no stomachs.

Habitat and Problems Caused

The Carp live in the Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi, and Ohio Rivers. They were introduced in the 1970's to try and control algae growth. They escaped captivity and started breeding. The problems they cause is that they eat a lot of plankton and detritus, not leaving very much for the native species.

Steps Being Taken to Control the Species

  • banned the sale, transport, possession and introduction of bighead, black, grass and silver carp.
  • research to find ways of eradicating aquatic invasive species or at least limit their ability to spread to other waters.
  • raise awareness of how invasive the carp