Beyond Belief by Josh Hamilton

A heartbreaking journey

The main character Josh Hamilton fights through his cocaine addiction. Though a divorce he sat there and watch his life crumble. As he fights his addiction he tries to get his family back and set everything he did on his path to self destruction. He tries to go back to his job in the MLB. He is brave to push through everything.Josh is a great baseball player. He was nice until he did drugs and his life tor up. He got addicted to cocaine and it ruined his life. My favorite part was him calling his mom to tell her about his addiction . “After four years of putting my body through hell I’m amazed at how well it’s held up.”"I was a man with no soul."The genre is nonfiction it is man vs self


out of 315 reviews this book had a 4 and a half rating


the author is Josh Hamilton . He wrote this book about his journey.


The most thrilling intense and best book ever.