Search And Rescue

Susannah Brin

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My book is about this girl that wants to take her dog on their first search and rescue mission a member of the k-9 team, Annaika hopes that Cody can show her the ropes but she was disappointed that Cody has a bad attitude and poor dog handling skills . She and rambler are on their own. She hopes that she can find the six year old before the rattle snakes do plus they are really deadly. So they go up this canyon in the dark but Annikia can not see Cody shes up in this canyon she finds this kid billy he has lost.he does not want go down this canyon. They use radios to keep in touch. Cody shines the light at Ainnika to get down with the boy but she shouts are you insane in the radio.


I recommend this book to all of my classmates.