The Nitrogen Cycle

Emily Duenas

What is the Nitrogen Cycle ?

The series of processes by which nitrogen and its compounds are interconverted in the environment and in living organisms, including nitrogen fixation and decompostion.

What are the steps to the Nitrogen Cycle?

Step 1 is when an animal dies and a decomposer consumes it.

Step 2 ammonification occurs, which is when bacteria breakdown organic matter.

Step 3 nitrification happens and it is is the biological oxidation of ammonia.

Step 4 denitrifying is next and it is when are microorganisms that convert nitrates in soil into free atmospheric nitrogen.

Step 5 assimilation is last.

The cycle starts again.

Why is the Nitrogen Cycle important to life on earth ?

Protein is something important for living and nitrogen is found in protein. Nitrogen is also found in DNA, something that every living thing has.