Judaism Flyer

Maria Rincon, Elisa Ayala, Amarye Tovar, Mattew Oakley

Most Important Belief

That Jews only believe in one god. That means that it is a monotheistic religion.

2. Why they Believe that?

They believe it because 1. They were probably persuaded by Abraham. 2.They got tired of polytheistic religions. 3. They thought that they were doing was wrong and that believing in one god was the right thing to do.

6. Art and Artifacts

The Tablets of Stone are important to the religion because the Ten Commandments are inscribed in. The Ten Commandments are important because they are the rules that you must, absolutely have to follow.

7. Songs and Poems

i used the "Near Sinai its related to this religion because it explains how Moses got the tablets with the 10 conmaments . The poem means that god was writing on the tablets while Moses was reaching up to get them

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