The Vietnam War

The facts you need to know about it.

Cause of the war:

North Vietnam, was once ruled under the Chinese Empire. The Chinese communist party wanted to expand out into the entire of South East Asia. The Chinese communist party was over ruled by the Vietnamese communist party formed by Ho Chi Minh who formed the communist party of Vietnam and he also formed the Vietnamese army called the Viet Minh. North Vietnam was completely stable until France declared to have North Vietnam for the French Empire. The Vietnamese disagreed forcing France to over rule North Vietnam using force which led to a cold war.

War length:

The Vietnam War was also named the second Indochina war and the resistance war against America. It started on 1955 and it ended on 1975. This war took 20 years which makes it the longest 20th century war conflict.

Here are some countries who were mainly involved in the war:

Many countries were involved in the Vietnam war. Some include France, U.S.A . , South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Korea, Australia and the Laos kingdom. America was a country that made a lot of impact on the Vietnam war. They first fought with the French but, after they realised how much impact and damage they have caused to the Vietnamese and they later fought against the French becoming the allies of the North Vietnamese. The Soviet Union did not enter the war; however, they supplied the Viet Minh with tanks, planes, helicopters, artillery, medical supplies and other military equipment. The North Vietnamese army was called the Viet Minh while South Vietnam's army was called the Viet Cong.

Impacts of the war:

North Vietnam faced a lot resilience during the Vietnam war. South Vietnam and America had a lot air superiority and they had the search and destroy operation where many of the ground combat forces fought in huge waves scattering in all directions when they entered the North Vietnamese territory. Lots of destruction was caused when the enemy entered North Vietnam; however, most of the battle was in jungle terrain where it weather conditions were harsh. This gave the North Vietnamese a clear advantage where they set up traps and ambush techniques.

Deaths from the war:

During the war, the U.S. armyhad over 47,000 deaths in action and another 11,000 non-combat deaths. The Vietnamese death toll was 882,000 deaths of just soldiers and 3.1 million violent war deaths including foreigners, soldiers and innocent civilians some which included children. Most deaths were caused by Americans, Koreans and even Vietnam's communist party. Many refugees left the country but, only a few could escape because, the U.S. and Korean marine would patrol the coasts. This war also caused many children left orphans and many heart broken parents from deaths of parents and children.