A boiling blood bath? Delicious!

A rejuvenating bath and a good meal? What more could a vampire ask for?! Erzebeth Bathroy herself knew that blood makes your skin look younger! Why not enjoy it? Why not come with a group of your undead friends? Our payment methods come with many various package deals that can make your stay stress free!
With relaxing waterfalls and raging streams, our blood baths are the best in the all of the Inferno! Our centaurs will make sure that you milk your stay. After all, their only desire is to see you looking centuries younger!

Some facts about the area

The outer ring of our luxurious spa is a river of rich B positive blood, at a perfect 212 degrees. The seventh circle of our Hell-ven is covered in magnificent monoliths that fell long ago during an earthquake caused by Jesus himself! Holy boulders! Though the pathways have been cleared, many boulders remain to add to the architectural beauty of our realm!

While you visit, you can visit some of the souls that have decided to make the Boiling Blood Resort their permanent home. Alexander The Great, the King of ancient Macedonia. Guy de Montfort, Count of Nola, the nephew of King Henry III of England. These are only a few of the souls that you can meet if you stay at our resort.

The river Phlegethon, the famous Boiling Blood river, is only one of five rivers in the underworld. The other four are the Styx, Lethe, Cocytus and Acheron. Legend has it that the goddess Styx was in love with Phlegethon, but she was consumed by his flames and was sent to Hades. Eventually, when Hades allowed her river to flow, they were reunited. How beautiful! A fang-tastic love story!