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Week of March 25-29


I love my mid-morning snack! With a very late lunch (12:45) the kids and I are starving by the time our lunch break rolls around, but here lately our mid-morning snack has turned into grazing ALL DAY LONG on food and even pulling food from our lunch boxes to continue our eating fest. It has gotten out of control and a focus instead of learning. So the entire 4th grade has set a snack time for 9:15. They will be given a 30 minute time frame to complete their snack. Since they should not stop their activities and learning, their snacks should be able to be eaten with one hand and should be healthy. Chips, pudding, and Little Debbies are not healthy and these are the things we are seeing on a daily basis. Please help us reinforce a healthy eating habit and also remind your child, if they are the one to pack their snacks, that it should be one small snack. And believe me, I will be having my snack at this time too! =)

STAAR Information

We have worked hard all year long in every subject, in every class, and in every way. I could not be happier with the progress each student has made. STAAR testing is a time to celebrate their achievements; it's a time for them to show us how their hard work has paid off. I have been reminding my students that any situation is what you make it and it is the mind set that you have that will determine how it unfolds. If they view STAAR or any test for that matter, as a bad thing, stressful thing, hard thing, or even a boring thing- they are not in the mind set to perform to the best of their ability. I want us all to view STAAR as a time for the kids to shine and to rejoice in the mountains they have climbed successfully! Help back me up with this mentality and have these same conversations at home! The following are some VERY important points that you will need to know before our "Celebration" days arrive!

  • No backpacks
  • If not buying a lunch- bring lunch
  • water bottle
  • If your child must bring a cell phone- it will be collected that day and returned before leaving school. (my cell will also be collected)
  • We will have a closed campus, so no visitors or volunteers
  • No snack on these days (our lunch will be earlier @ 11:00)
  • PLEASE have your students at school at 7:45 if not eating a cafeteria breakfast
  • If eating a cafeteria breakfast have them here no later than 7:30

And just for your added information, I will not have my MacBook on these days so I will not be able to return any emails throughout the day, as well.

What's Happening @ McGowen?

Dates, Events, and This Week's Objectives

March 25-29

Wednesday: Report Cards Published

Friday: NO SCHOOL! (Bad Weather Day)

STAAR "Celebration" Days:

April 2 & 3: Writing

April 23: Math

April 24: Reading

Weekly Objectives:

Reading: I will review and use Latin and Greek roots, context clues, multiple meaning words, and prefixes and suffixes as I work on Road Trip and read short fiction texts.

Social Studies: I will learn about the new government of Texas after the victory at San Jacinto.