Ernest Hemingway

By: Connor Ours


Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899, in Illinois. At a young age he was taught by his father to hunt and fish, his mother was very religious and had Ernest learn how to play cello and sing in the church choir. Hemingway loved the outdoors. In high school he was an athlete and also extremely smart. In 1917 Ernest volunteered for the army, but was rejected because of a poor eye exam. Then he became a reporter for the Kansas city star for many months. then he became a part of the red cross and drove an ambulance during the Italian front. He was injured while under heavy fire he carried a wounded man on his back to safety quite a ways away and when Hemingway's leg was examined there were 200 pieces of shrapnel. He later worked for the Toronto star, and then moved back to Michigan he was focused on fictional writing for then on out that's what he did.


The impact that Ernest Hemingway had on the 1920's was that even though his stories were fictional he wrote about real life such as alcoholism, crime, violence and death, and sin.
Mini BIO - Ernest Hemingway


1. Where did he live after the war?