Team 7 Newletter

Picture Day-August 22nd

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Last week in math we went over classroom expectations and got organized for the new year. We spent time going over what the students are going to be expected to do in class and what acceptable behaviors look like. I have attached a copy of the expectations that I went over in class that you can go over with your child.

This week, students are going to take their iReady. Last week I emailed out a description of the diagnostic test. Students need their tablets and a pair of earbuds/headphones for this test. This test usually takes students a couple of days to complete, so they will be working on it Monday and Tuesday.

We are also going to start our first Module that cover Ratios and Proportions this week. If your child is struggling on homework at home I encourage you and your student to look in the "Homework Help" folder that will be on Schoology. There are going to be many helpful tips in this folder for your child and explanations for the homework answers.

I am looking forward to continuing to work with you and your child this year!

Math Syllabus


Last week in science, we went over expectations in the science classroom along with some team building activities to help create our science community. I asked for a syllabus to be signed by both parents and students and will attach a copy here as well.

This week in science, we will continue to practice expectations and build our community of learners. Students will also have access too their Pearson text books for a resource in our class. To access the book:

username: firstlastname@jcms

password: Jcmsstudent#




We will bookmark and save passwords in class, but if they forget you might have them do that at home as well. Our first unit is Ecology and the Environment. Science will have a lot more inquiry and student directed lessons and the book will be a resource to help us succeed.

If you have questions, please let me know. The year is starting off really well and i look forward to working with your students.

Language Arts

Last week we began discussing class procedures and students took notes on procedures. We then began reading the short story, "Seventh Grade" and completed vocabulary pictures to help us understand. (If your child didn't turn this in, please check with him/her, and get it in to me as soon as possible...thanks!)

This week, we are continuing to discuss the story by looking at plot, and practicing our understanding of plot by looking at some short films. We will also complete some diagnostic to help us make goals for ourselves this school year.

I have attached my syllabus. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Thanks for the beginning of a great year!


In Careers we will be exploring many possible professions letting the students see what types of possibilities there are in the world. The end goal of the class is give some guidance to the students on what career pathway they will want to enroll in at Junction City High School.

If you have any questions or concern feel free to contact me.

Supplies Needed:

  1. School Laptop - (Charged)
  2. Paper
  3. Pencil or Pen
  4. Post It Notes
  5. Markers


Room E123