Emperor Penguin

The Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguins are amazing animals. They are able to do so many incredible things unlike other animals. These types of penguins are only found in Antarctica, and eat fish; crabs and shrimp.

Largest Penguin

Most people don't think penguins can be so big, but they can grow to about 90 pounds! These penguins can survive super harsh living conditions unlike any other animal on Earth. A male penguin can loose half it's weight while keeping its egg warm. Emperor penguins can live up to about 20 years. There's about 17 different species of penguins now. They live in and face wind chills as cold as -76°F and blizzards of 124 mph,


COMMON NAME: emperor penguin

KINGDOM: Animalia

PHYLUM: Chordata


ORDER: Sphenisciformes

FAMILY: Spheniscidae

GENUS SPECIES: Aptenodytes forsteri