Capt. Magellan's Voyage to India

Caleb Sutton and Pahl


Hello, aspiring adventurers! My name is Captain Ferdinand Magellan and I am searching for 250 strong, young, and intelligent young men like you to assist me on my voyage. We will be exploring and attempting to discover a new route to India for trade. The Spanish government will provide us with 5 ships and will cover all expenses. Leaving from Spain in 1519. We shall hope to return to our families in 1522. I can not guarantee that you will make it back and it will be hard wok that requires not only strength will. I can guarantee however, that you will see sights that you have never seen and go to places you have never sailed.


Although I was born in Portugal, we will be sailing for Spain. I was born in 1480 to a wealthy family. I love the water so I enlisted in the military and became a navel officer. I was just chosen to sail around the world looking for a better trade rout to Spain.
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