Earth's Forces

By: Omar Cerda

Plate Tectonics

Convergent Boundaries is when 2 plates come together and one plate goes under the other. An uplift is when 2 plates come together and create mountains. Transform Boundaries is when 2 plates rub agents each other and causes Earthquakes. Divergent Boundaries is when 2 plates move apart and cause a mid ocean ridge.


Earthquakes can destroy things like buildings, land and can kill people. Earthquakes can also build new things like new Tectonic plates.


Volcanoes are good and bad. Volcanoes are good because it can build islands. Volcanoes are bad because the lava can kill plants, animals, and sometimes people.
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Tsunamis can destroy land, homes, animals and kill people. The most Tsunamis are in Japan
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Faults can build mountains big, small, or medium. Mountains can be found anywhere you go.
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