Heart Of A Champion

Believe and you will succeed


This book is about a boy named Seth Barham who lost his father and moved to San Francisco. While he moved their he met a friend named Jimmy winter and he got jimmy into playing baseball. He practiced with him all summer and both of them tried out for a team but there was something like an A team and a B team Jimmy makes it into the A team and Seth ended up being on the B team. After that they try out for high school Seth is not pretty sure if he will make it. But he turns out to do pretty good and ends up being a good baseball player.


This book teaches you that if you don't practice and try to get better you wont achieve your goals your trying to accomplish and you wont ever have a chance of becoming a champion. Also its a good book if you love baseball.
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The Author

The author of this book is Carl Deuker he liked sports when he was younger but wasn't very good enough to start but he was pretty good to at golf. Carl attended the University of California and was an English major. As an adult he worked as a teacher and taught volleyball and basketball. He is married and also has a daughter.
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Seth Barham

The author makes the main character Seth Barham seem like hes a little bit unconfined in what he was trying to do but through out the story his confidants grows bigger and bigger and he starts achieving his goals and things that he wants to do
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