checking accounts


To own a checking account you must meet the proper age limit (18 or older) unless you have an adult on the account with you.You must also have proper legal ID.You need to have money in your account or you will charged a monthly service fee.When you make withdrawals you have to have the money for it or you will be charged a NSF or hot check fee

Hassle Free


A withdrawal is made when you take money out of your account.It can be made in person,on an ATM , by check ,or by debit card.When using a debit card there is one major downfall, people can steal your banking information, and take all the money out of your account.


Deposits are made when you put money in your account.They can be made in person or electronically


A checking account is good to have because you don't have to carry around large amounts of money.It also prevents you from losing all your money because you can keep a check book to make all your withdrawals.

Bad Things

There are some downfalls of having a checking accounts such as having your ID stolen.There is also the factor that if you don't keep track of the amount of money you have in your account you could easily write a hot check.

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