An Artist for the Revolution

By Mary Davis

The Story

Private Thaddeus Cooper doesn't fight for his country he... paints for it! In the story a low private becomes a artist. He goes to fort Ticonderoga to paint the battle. When he gets there he sees it was burned down! While he is looking at it a red coat sneaks up behind him. He lies and he lives. They tell him about how they got the fort. Then he goes back to camp paints it and gives it to Captain Smith. The End


Thad goes to fort Ticonderoga. Talks to some red coats about the battle. Goes back to camp and paints the battle.


Thad's full name is Thaddeus Cooper. The red coats don't kill Thad. When he gets to Fort Ticonderoga he finds out it was burnt down by the red coats. He paints a picture of the battle of fort Ticonderoga.