Montgomery Advertiser

Bus Boycott Very Effective

Bus Companies Wounded and Dying Due to Boycott

Since the boycott started, in a peaceful protest blacks haven't been riding the buses. This boycott has cost a 22 cent loss per mile for the bus companies. If the companies hadn't raised the fees for the passengers they would be losing 31 cents per mile.

Hiking up Fees

As the boycott drags on the city commission has raised the bus fair fee for adults from 10-15 cents. For children going to school, the fee was raised from 5-8 cents, and for a transfer, which was originally free, the fee was raised to 5 cents. Even with the rising fees the city can not keep this up much longer due to the loss of business that has resulted from the boycott.

Dedication is the Key to Boycott's Success

Due to the dedication of the black population in Montgomery, Alabama, after a year and 20 days of boycotting, the demands of first come - first serve seating and the fairness to all people, including blacks on the buses have been met. A new era had begun!