"Big 'Ole Binder"

Who is B.O.B.?

B.O.B. is the structure that the HOPS(Homework, Organization, and Planning Skills) intervention utilizes.

What is HOPS and what the heck does B.O.B. have to do with it?

The HOPS intervention in it entirety is appropriate for any student with difficulties with organization and planning in grades 3-10. Consistent with an RtI approach, HOPS intervention is a research-based program that uses frequent assessment and monitoring a students' progress and the need for supplemental intervention.

The HOPS intervention is structured so that organizational skills are introduced first, homework management skills are introduced next, and time management and planning skills are introduced last.

Overview of HOPS intervetion and B.O.B. structure

Tier 1: All students grades 2-5 use the same organizational structure: B.O.B.
Tier 2: Small group organization skills
Tier 3: Individualized goal setting and point system within small group

What parents need to know about the B.O.B.

  • Each content area will have a different color (Green=SCI, Blue=SS, Purple=MA, Yellow=ELA, Red=HOMEWORK).
  • Students will be taught how to organize and maintain their B.O.B. the first week of school.
  • Only assignments in RED folder will be homework. All other classwork, handouts, and graded papers will remain in the content area folders.
  • The whole binder goes everywhere with the kids and everything goes in the binder.