Our Week: January 5-8, 2016

Welcome Back!
I hope that everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable winter break!
This week's agenda includes the following topics and items.

English Language Arts:
Character Traits Review: How can you describe a character?
Review: Properly restating a question to a long-response prompt
How to use the text to locate your answer to a question

Grade 3:
Review: How to locate the missing factor (ex: 3 x ? = 27)
Review: How to determine the pattern in a table and apply it to the remaining portion of a table

Multiplying by multiples of 10 (ex: 30 x 6=?)
*Locate and solve the basic multiplication fact 3 x 6 and add one zero*

Grade 4:
Review: Double digit by double digit multiplication review

Grade 3 and 4: Math Test Friday

What are the steps of the scientific method?
STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Fair introduction: Students will be determining a class STEM fair project and formulating a question/problem and hypothesis by Friday.

This project will be completed in class, within small groups. Please make sure to ask your young scientist about our class project within the upcoming weeks!

*District Quarter 2 Science Assessment on Thursday

Social Studies:
What is culture?
Who was Martin Luther King Jr. and why do we celebrate him?


Math Test (grade 3 and grade 4) on Friday
Spelling Test on Friday
Homework Packet Due Friday