Panda PAWS 1.4

September 6-10, 2021

Important Events for the Week:

September 6:
  • Labor Day: No School for Staff & Students

September 7:

September 8:
  • WELL-DESERVED WEDNESDAYS: Jeans for Staff (every Wednesday)
  • 3:30 Guiding Coalition Room 113

September 9:

September 10:

  • #EveryPandaEveryDay prizes go home
  • Spirit day-Jeans & Pierce shirts for staff & students

Covid-19 Reminders:

  • If a parent reaches to you to say that their child is staying home with symptoms, please let Karen know. She will follow up as necesary.

  • If a parent speaks of a positive test result for the STUDENT, please report this to Karen asap. She will notify Administrators to take next steps.

  • If students have positive family members at home, they do not have to quarantine. They may come to school. Please do not share your personal opinions about to quarantine or not with parents. Please refer them to Karen for these questions. We always want to welcome students according to District guidelines.

  • Make up work is not required to be provided. Students do not get counted present for completing SeeSaw work while they are absent. They turn in a note as usual.

  • We are NOT pressuring families about absences this year. If you have a special situation, where you would like an Administrator to speak to a parent about regular school attendance, we can certainly do that. Just reach out to us and let us know.

  • Parents can send you a request for a plexi-glass shield and you may use that as documentation to provide one. This is by parent request only.

  • If YOU would like to set up a plexi-glass shield for yourself, please reach out to Ms. Dickson so we can have a conversation about meeting your health concerns.

  • Please do not come to school if you think you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. Please let Tracy know so you can fill out a Covid form and take a personal illness day.

September PK Newsletter from Jennifer McKee, Director of Early Childhood:

Library Update from Mrs. Popkin:

Library Checkout: Monday's checkout will be rescheduled for Friday. Have a great long weekend!

The Whiteboard app on the ViewSonic has so many tools! Would you like to learn more about how to create and save interactive lessons on your ViewSonic Whiteboard to use with students? You can create the lessons on your laptop and then open the lessons on the ViewBoard. Complete the form below if you are interested in learning more.

Release Form: I have notified teachers who have students whose parents did not give permission for their student’s picture to be published online. If you did not receive an email from me, then we have permission to use your students’ pictures. However, if you get a new student, please check with Ms. Cortes to see if we have a signed release form from their parents. Sylvia has more forms if you need one.

Speech/Language RTI Info:

Just a quick reminder: If you have speech/language concerns, please complete the google form for Expanded Consult for Communication. THANK YOU!!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Click here to view my virtual office. Click here to view my website.

Video from Required SRP Training:

If you missed our meeting on Wednesday, please make sure to watch the video below so you are current on Security protocols:

Once you have viewed the video, please sign Tracy's sign-in sheet.

Paraprofessionals, please find time within your normal work hours to watch the presentation.


Shout Outs!

From Jennifer Dickson:

Thank you to Ms. Luna and Ms. Natal for helping out wherever you are needed.

Thank you to Brooke, Jackie & Soila for listening to a knock on the wall and offering support.

Thanks to Yasmeen & Marcela for helping our friends who are struggling!

I hope EVERYONE has a terrific 3 day weekend!! Thank you for the important work you do each day for our Pandas!

From Ashley Pence:

Elaine Molina- Our year has started off amazing and a huge part of that is because of you! You make it easy to come to work every day ❤️

Lauren Dixon, Maria Chavira, Cynthia Ali- Thank you for being a supportive team and sharing ideas. Navigating the new curriculum is hard but the stress lessens once we plan together.

Mercado- Welcome to the team!!

Stella Luna- Thank you for all the printing this week!!

Gloria Natal- I'm glad you are still my friend. Love you.

Beas, Mercado and Marcela- Thank you for helping to move the sandbox in the scorching heat yesterday!

Jennifer Dickson- Thank you for making things happen around here! Our team needed updated materials and you made it happen!

McKimmey- Thank you for lending an ear and helping to solve any issue big or small!

Tony and Olea- Love ya neighbors

Lupe- Thank you for everything you do around the school and especially for your help in our classroom last week.

Karen- Thank you for taking care of our student last week! That was chaotic haha

Imelda Lara- thank you for refilling the snack cart!!

Karen- thank you for offering to share your chips ❤️

PreK3 Teachers- You are the rock stars around here. I see you and you are doing an incredible job!


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