Monotheism Pros and Cons

(Positives/Negatives with Monotheism)

Pros for Monotheism:

Monotheism is all around the world. Also polytheism. Not everybody knows the pros of monotheism. One of the pros are: Christians are focused only are the correct way so, it is easy and simple to understand the rules. My second pro is: How they are all focused and a society.

Cons for Monotheism:

Monotheism is around the world with polytheism. Many people believe in one God (monotheism.) Also, in polytheism. My first con is: Listening to the rules will eventually led to war and religious punishments. My second con is: They don't allow democracy or free choice. So, it is a really good/bad choice.

My opinion:

My opinion between me keeping or disregarding monotheism is: We should disregard it. I really don't like the cons of monotheism. Risking your life just for a bad decision, leading to war isn't good. I understand that some people just don't care about the negatives but I do.