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Shout Outs!!

Shout out to all the teachers who attended and helped at Science Night:)—Mary Seltzer

Thanks to Donna M. for always being so willing to cover my daycare line at the end of the day when I am off campus. I appreciate you! – Kim Hardy

Shout out to my awesome partner! Thanks for all that you do every day to make this a great place for our kids! – Elizabeth

To PTA and all those involved – Science night was awesome! The kids’ work was amazing and impressive! Elizabeth

To Inga and Erika – thanks for all of your commitment and the support you guys give our kids! J Elizabeth

5th grade- you guys are awesome to work with! Elizabeth

Shout Out to all that have inquired about my sporadic attendance and “red eye” issue!! I can’t tell you how wonderful you make feel when you tell me you missed me or that you are thinking about me! Love ya! Penny

Tonya- Thanks for jumping in and helping out!—Rachel

Dawn- Thanks for all of the hard work you do!—Rachel

April- Thanks for making me laugh by constantly giving me a hard time!--Rachel

Thanks to Elizabeth and Inga for making after school duty a delight. -- Erika

Thanks to Mark for organizing our feast. Everything I tasted was amazing! --Erika

Thanks to Mauk and Donna Mills for being my go-to people. You always have all the answers I need. Uh, what am I going to do without you??—Erika

Shout outs to Gailanne and Rene for spending so much of their precious time trying to fix my ipad. They are appreciated! Donna C.

Kid Wisdom

Kid Wisdom

1st grade reading group- Question: Why are people in fear of sharks? Answer: They will eat them. Question: What will they eat them with? Answer: Mustard!

Kid Wisdoms – A typical day of testing kindergartners:

Me: “Everyone should be on the question with the shoes.”

Them: “I have shoes.”

“My shoe falls off my foot at recess.”

“Did you know I have a cat?”

Me: “Okay boys and girls, everyone should be on the question with the shoes.”

Them: “We’re on question 3. How many more questions?”

Me: “26”

Sigh! They keep giving me hugs so I guess I’m doing okay..

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