Weekly Launch

Oct. 3-7

Things to Remember

-When scheduling conferences with parents of SPED students-please make sure their case manager is invited

-Please be prompt in signing your D-10's

-Per instructional guidelines and grading policy, please be sure you are entering one grade per week into your gradebook. Parents are checking weekly and not seeing any grades until the end of the grading period. You should have 9 grades by the end of the 9 weeks.

-Don't forget to contact parents of failing grades before the report card becomes available to parents.

-October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. Leah Moore will be sending info out this week about dyslexia.

Important Dates

Oct. 3-Wear your college shirt and jeans

Mega-4th grade

Dine out to Donate!

Oct. 4-Data Day-2nd grade

Huddle-meeting by email

Oct. 5-Jen B. out in a.m.


Texas Roadhouse

Oct. 6-City Councilman visit to NPE-8:30-meet with parents in library

9:10-meet with 4th and 5th in the gym

Wear your character shirt

Oct. 7-Character Connection(Locks of Love)-Brookwood will be visiting our Character

Connection and some classrooms

1st BAS window closes

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Word of the Week-Resolve Conflict

Morning Announcements-office

Positive Phone Calls-Swick/McIntyre

Word of the Week-Demonstrate

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Shout Out!

-a big shout out to all of you who helped clean out science lab and closets! I think we definitely found items that were over 20 years old! They look great!

-Shout out to the flash mob dancers for representing us so well

-Thanks for all the twitter posts!

- shout out to 1st grade for having such a positive attitude and pushing through some new learning!

-shout out to kinder for spending part of their afternoon with Sandy to talk about learning progressions