Fifth Grade At Home Learning

May 11 - May 15, 2020


Take the Parts of the Mass quiz on Edmodo.


Read this week's assigned articles on

I have recommended some new reading skills to practice on IXL. These are skills we would have learned in reading class.

Don't forget to read your 20 minutes each day. Share what you read on Edmodo. Post a picture of you and your current read on Edmodo this week!!

Listen to the chapters from The War I Finally Won and answer the question about the chapter of the day. We will finish the book by the end of the week!!


Do SPELLING unit 34.

Answer the question of the day on Edmodo WRITING with complete sentences and proper mechanics.

Do 5 Minute GRAMMAR on Edmodo. Quiz on Friday!


Do the math review posted on Edmodo each day and take the quiz on Friday. When I post the answers for Monday's review, I have been posting explanations of how to work the problems. They are the same type of problem for the whole week. Make sure to check those out if you don't understand how to do any of the problems.

Continue to practice your math skills on As a class, you have answered over 10,000 questions!! How great is that!! Way to keep learning!!

Last week I recommended doing the measurement exercises on IXL. This week we will do more with measurement. Do the three sets of Boom Cards that have been assigned below. These are fast play links, and you do not have to sign in, but they will expire in two weeks.

Conversion of Customary Measurements -

Conversion of Metric Measurements -

Measurement Conversion Word Problems -


Watch "Who created the constellations?" on Mystery Science.

After watching the Bonus: Surprisingly Shiny Things, share on Edmodo which one was your favorite and why. I had several!! Did you know the geode is Iowa's state rock?

Then go to Seesaw and do the Design a Constellation activity that has been assigned.

Social Studies

Watch Liberty's Kids - Episode 4 - Liberty or Death

When you have finished watching the episode, do the

"Liberty Kids-Episode 4 - Liberty or Death" quiz on Edmodo.

Also answer the question on Edmodo. Post your answer in the comments.

News Bowl Weekly

Don't forget you can do the News Bowl Weekly Challenge at home!! The directions are as follows:

  • Go to and at the upper right find the Potpourri Student Signup.
  • Make a Player Account
  • In the first field, you will need a 9-digit ID number to join the Pilot Member Team. use 482304408
  • You will fill in the short form and create a USERNAME and Password. (YOU MUST WRITE THIS DOWN!)
  • You will have created a Personal Student Home Page and there you will play the Potpourri 8-Minute Quiz Bowl each week through May.
  • Do not use a phone or any assistance to answer the 20-question quiz.
  • Post your score on Edmodo. Let's see who can get the highest score!!



Exercises and 30 sec. Superman instead of the Plank

Heart rate activity: Jump rope (long or short)

Lesson Focus: Frisbee using different grips


For your morning prayers this week sing the refrain of “Hail Mary, Gentle Woman”. Here are the lyrics in case you don’t remember:

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you

Blessed are you among women and blest is the fruit of your womb, Jesus

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death. Amen

Gentle Woman, Quiet Light, Morning Star, so strong and bright

Gentle Mother, Peaceful Dove, teach us wisdom, teach us love.


Shadow Drawing

You will need a partner for this project. You will also need some sidewalk chalk, a cement space, and some sunshine.

1. Go outside and strike a pose to make an interesting shadow on the cement.

2. Have your partner trace your shadow.

3. Then trade places and you draw your partner’s shadow.

4. Fill in with color and design to match the clothes you’re wearing.



A note from Ms. Heinrichs and a time capsule activity were attached to my email.

Zoom Class Meeting

We will have our Zoom class meeting this Wednesday at 7 P.M. Look for your invitations on Tuesday. We will have another Mystery Guest!!
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Memory Books

I still need to hear from Paul, Payton, Cooper, Jay, and Marshall as to whether or not you are completing a fifth grade memory book. Please tell me yes or no on Edmodo. If I do not hear from you by Tuesday, I will assume that you are not doing one.

ABC Countdown

The ABC Countdown will continue this week with the letters N, O, P, R, and Q. Thanks to those who have participated. Pictured are some kaleidoscopes from K day!
Do what you can and as always, if you have any questions or need help with anything, please do not hesitate to email me!! I'm here for YOU!! The more that you can keep up with learning now, the easier it will be when you return in the fall.

I hope all the mothers had a great Mother's Day!! :)

Mrs. Worden
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