The Weekly Bulldog

November 15, 2018

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From Tim: Grateful for Community

Dear Families,

Tomorrow is Grand People Day, and we look forward to welcoming nearly 300 guests. This is a special day for visitors who come to see performances, our classrooms and this year, a special breakfast just for Grand People. (Parents, please join us in the Hambidge Commons community gathering space for coffee and refreshments during that time.)

With gratitude for all you do to help make our community inviting and inclusive, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving break with friends and family.

All the best,


Top Five Things

1. Did you know a gift of stock can go a long way this year...

A gift to The Stanley Fund of highly appreciated stock is a win-win for you and Stanley. There are no capital gains taxes on shares you donate, and you get a deduction for the full market value on donations of shares held for more than a year. Plus, Stanley receives a larger gift because what you’re donating is worth more now than it was when you bought it. Best of all, your gift helps all of us fulfill Stanley’s mission of developing independent thinkers and lifelong learners! Email us for details on how to make this simple yet impactful donation. Or, if you prefer to make your contribution now, donate directly at

2. How teachers see each child

In Joanna's Learning Report, we learn how teachers watch the whole child, how they listen with open ears and open minds and hearts. Stanley teachers observe the process and the product, layer in benchmark comparisons, but spend most time looking for learning that fosters cooperation, compassion, curiosity and creative thinking. >>more

3. Sibling Applications Due!

Hey Stanley families! Sibling admission applications are due at the end of this month -- Friday, November 30. Submit your application via our website, and don't forget: If you'd like help with financial aid applications (due early next month), the admission team hosts a financial aid workshop just in time to make submitting that paperwork easier.

4. Do you know what to do in an emergency?

Stanley periodically practices emergency procedures for lockout, lockdown and weather events. We've got a drill for lockdown coming on Nov. 27. Training with students and staff takes away some of the worries about knowing what to do in any of these situations, and these days it means learning a new vocabulary. To learn more about each scenario and see some dos and don'ts for parents, check out the Campus Safety & Security section of the Parent & Family Handbook. >>more

5. Parents Night Out at Casey's

Book your babysitters! Parent’s Night Out is back. Come December 1 to Casey's Bistro & Pub in Stapleton (proprietors are a Stanley family), where they're offering up musical entertainment and donating a portion of the evening's proceeds to the Stanley Parent Association and our classrooms. >>details here